Just wanted to take a moment and say thank you to all the Devs who shared their games with us. Thank you for your range and experimentation. And, for all you Devs still working on games, we can’t wait to play them, and we know it’s only the beginning–great games take time.

Keep playing, keep creating, and check out the cool video we created:

And, if you were wondering–below are the amazing developers live on OUYA today.

OUYA Devs:

1-Pup Games 10tons Ltd
2play Software 3DiVi Company
50Ply 9Volt Software Sweden
Abraham Stolk absence
Acne Play Adam Spragg
Advanced Mobile Applications Ltd. AFKSoft
Alex Tritt Games Alienman Tech
Alpha Dog Games Ameon Entertainment
American Bishoujo Angry Mob Games
Aquariumy Studio Inc. ArchiusComus
Ariah Studios LLC AsgardSoft
Atomized Ltd AwesomeApps.com
“Bad Juju Games, LLC” baka-neko.fr
baKno Games Baller Industries
Benedikt Bessen Benoit Hambucken
bentosmile BFFMedia
Bitcanvas Games Blair Pearson
blue banana games Bluebutton Games
BluMed Boris van Schooten
Borja Bossa Studios
BOSSDOG GAMES Bouncing Ball Games
Brian’s Games Brightside Games
broken byte Brrapp Games
Bubble Zap Games Cameron Brown
caou Captain Games
Carved Games Cave Four
Chuck Smith Clapfoot Inc
Coconut Island Studio CodeZombie Games
Coke and Code Cone Entertainment
Corbomite Games Cosmic Barrel
Cosmic Interactive Crescent Moon Games
Crunchyroll Inc. Crystalline Green Ltd.
Dan Teasdale Dancing Cat Development
Dannobot Games David Reichelt
David Valdeita Loureiro Daygames
Deceased Pixel Deep Plaid Games
Delirium Studios Evolution S.L. Denis Kolesnichenko
Digital Reality Publishing Ltd DinoMage Games
disableInterrupt dishmoth
Doctor Monolith Limited DotEmu SAS
Double Fine Productions Dragonhead Games
Dreamzle Dufgames
E McNeill Earthwormjeff
Echoboom S.L. Elusive Byte
Eric Fortin Eric Froemling
Erik Skoglund Ethan Redd
EverFire Studios Evgiz
Evil Indie Games EXOR Studios
EyeSix Games Ezone PTY LTD
FarSight Studios Fayju
“Federmeyer Software, Inc.” Firehouse Video Games
Firestarter Games Flixster Inc.
“Fox Digital Entertainment, Inc.” Fred Wood
FreeOnlineGames.com FZE “Fresvii, Inc.”
Frima Studio Fun Machine
Fusion Reactions GabySoft
Gak Amok Games “Game Mechanic Studios, LLC”
GameAnax Inc. Gamedisciples
gameinbucket Gameloft S.A.
GameResort LLC Gamesboro
Gareth Lockett Ghost Pixels
Glenn Bacon Gnarly Games
Gnomic Studios GoldenTricycle
“Goodhustle Studios, Inc.” Green Lava Studios
Group Digital “Guild Software, Inc.”
Guilherme Daniel Molin Hammer Labs
Hamster Republic Productions HandyGames
Hanhinen Hashbang Games
Hauschild Hawk-i Games
Headup Games GmbH & Co. KG heavily loaded games
Heavy Plasma LLC Helium Interactive LLC
Hexage Hill Devil
Hotcookie Ltd Hulk Handsome
Hypercane Studios I Fight Bears
Icicle Games iMarvel
impulse12 increpare
Inverse Blue inXile entertainment
iSlandFace Studios “Jackbox Games, Inc”
Jacob Davis Jacob Korsgaard
Jarnik Jason Levine
Jay Griffin Jayenkai
Jean-Sebastien Royer Jeffrey Quesnelle
JenotsCom “Jochen Heizmann, Intermediaware”
Johanw123 Jon Bonazza
Jonathan Lanis JSH Gaming
JSIDD Juicy Beast Studio
Jujubee S.A. Just A Pixel
Kaasa solution GmbH Kangaroo Punch Studios
Kanki Bros Karga Games
Keeperus Keeplay Game Studios
kexxu KintoGames
Kittehface Software klutzGames
Knife Media KobraStudios
Kris Attfield Kronbits
Kuroato Media Lad Inc
Lantansia Laughing Gull Productions
Lazy Chicken Lee Miller
leihwelt games Leoche
Levire UG (haftungsbeschraenkt) & Co. KG Libretro
Little Cloud Games Little Killerz
littleguy77 Locomalito
Lonewolf Studios LOOT Entertainment
“Lubitz, Kolja; Waschkau, Jannik GbR” Lucky Frame
Ludometrics Ltd Ludosity
“Mad Menace Entertainment, LLC” “MADFINGER Games, a.s.”
Mad Multimedia Magory.net
Marc Ellis Marcelo Perez / Scientist Sloth
Marco Giorgini Production Mason Barry
Matt Dalgety Matt Makes Games Inc.
Matthew Oakes Mattia Sappa
MDEV Games MDickie
Mediatek Sistemas S.C. Megatoxic
Michael A. Hawker Michael Joyner
Midgar Studio Midnight Tinkering
Mighty Rabbit Studios “Mobula, Inc.”
Moonlight Studios “Mountain Sheep, Inc.”
Mr Qwak NanoidGames
NEKKI LTD Neko Entertainment
Nelson Studios Nexrus
Nextmap Studio “Nickel Buddy, LLC”
Njun Studios nonPareil Institute
Noodlecake Studios Nooskewl
Norwind Interactive Ltd Nostatic Software
Not So Generic Nuclear Wombat
null nWay
Nyaa Labs Obelisk Entertainment
Octograb Studio Offworld Software
OMGWTFGAMES !1!! OnAir Player Inc.
One Multimedia Oooweeooo Inc.
Open Mind Gaming Orangepixel
Oriku “OUYA, Inc.”
Overpowered Games Paul Lamb
Paul Marrable Pauli Kohberger
pelya petrus
PHD Gaming LLC Pheonise
phime studio PIM Entertainment
PiX Juegos Pixel Heart
Pixel Stag Studio’s Pixelatom
Pixeljam Pixio
PlayerUm “Plex, Inc.”
PocketCake Portabliss
Project BC Pyrosphere
Quantumfrog GmbH Quaternion Studio
Radiangames raganjblack
Rarebyte realtech VR
Redgrim AB Renè Lange und Sebastian Geller GbR
Renegadeware Replay Games
RESETgame Retrosoft Games
Richard Hawkins Roa Game Studio
Robert Broglia Robot Invader
Robysoft Rockbyte Software
Rogue AI Ryan Dale
Santa Ragione SassyBot Studio
“Saved Games, Inc.” Schell Games
schoendevelopment SD – Entetainiment
Sega of America ShadowBrain
“shark apps, LLC” SharkArm Brothers
Sharkbomb Studios “Shiny Box, LLC”
Silver Creek Entertainment SinisterSoft Limited
“SmallRock Software, Inc.” Smartpix Games
Smithereens Games Smorpheus Games Laboratory
Sneaky Games SO SO DEV Games
Software Amusements Sokay LLC
Sophie Houlden Sos
Space Fractal SparckSoft
Spil Games spinalcode
SpookyFish Games Spoonweaver Studios
“SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.” Steamy Rice Entertainment Ltd.
Stephen Borden Steven Hanus
Stirfire Studios Stop4Sanity Games
Studio Evil Studio OnMars
Syraca Studios LLC Taco Graveyard
Takusan Works Tasty Poison Games
TCKSOFT TD Programming Ltd
Team Kakumei Team Monocle
Terry Cavanagh The Bureau of Memetic Engineering
The Co Studio The Rampant Mango Collective
The Washington Post thePodge
Thomas Morgan Tokkao
Touche Apps treeCL
Triangle Studios Tribaloid
Tribute Games Inc. TriceraSoft
Trickster Arts Tripwire Interactive
TuneIn Tuokio
TwitchTV Tyrus Peace
U-Play online Ultimate Walrus
Unfoil.com user.ed
Utah Raptor Games Vlambeer
Voorn Multimedia Voxoid LLC
Warvene LLC “White Whale Games, LLC”
Wicked Loot Wide Pixel Games
Wurd Industries www.schleinzer.com
XorGa.me XYLA Entertainment LLC
Yobonja Zamastyle
Zebralightning Studios Zedutchgandalf
Zombiesaurus Games


The Head Honcho

  • Jakenut86

    Neon Shadow is Awesome on OUYA!!! as are so many others… Can’t wait to see what other awesome games come to the system :)

  • Jason D Barna

    Where is the respect for Tasty Poison ,and the release that got you guys to 500 Neon Shadow?!?
    The freaking game isn’t even featured in the trailer. Quite frankly nothing from Tasty Poison was even featured in the trailer that i noticed.

    Neon Shadow is first quality online multiplayer FPS the system gets let alone it being the milestone release ,and this is the support it gets!?! COME ON JULIE & CO. I would expect better than that.

    And, on top of that why wasn’t anything from Locomalito even featured in the trailer. Considering he was one of the best action/platformers on the console (Maldita Castilia)

  • http://www.tcksoft.co.uk/ caffeinekid

    I’m happy to be a part of this and see TCKSOFT listed in the developers :) Here’s to the next 500 and getting it into four figures. :)

  • joedonbaker

    wow all those devs and there’s literally only one good game on the system.

  • caden

    MURA Interactive LLC, the creators of the upcoming game, DubWars, need to be added to that list. They received an award from iDMAa, as well as an honorable mention on iDMAa.org. They started small at Utah Valley University and they’re quickly getting noticed. People on Weebly are also writing about them, if that tells you anything how fast they’re gaining attention. Source: http://dgmgames.weebly.com

  • Simon Stevens

    Good for emulators, thought it would be the perfect indie device, was let down because it was all mobile, hopefully one day indies will get on board, sold mine and imported a Vita tv.

  • Sam Frankelli

    A: not all mobile B: the games that are from mobile.. So what?! What does that even mean? Mobile devices and open source Android gave way for easy way to get games published. So what makes a mobile game not a “game” in the traditional sense some are so loosely throwing in here? Dead trigger 1&2 was mobile game. And it’s freaking amazing. 100% excited I can easily play it on my OUYA now big screen sans touch screen. The ones hating have no fucking clue. You wanna hate this thing to look cool or some shit, get over it already. It’s a $99 gaming device. Instead of the early limitations of a touch pad on a phone or huge barriers of trying to get into live or psn, indie devs now have their preexisting knowledge of Android GNU/Linux to write games for OUYA instead of a phone. All the great open source benefits of mobile android but now on a machine built specifically for gaming with controller support. This is like a game devs wet dream. Young bloods and/or fanboys if you don’t like the OUYA go back to your stupid COD type games. You clearly don’t understand what gaming means to real gamers.