Shipping Update.

Last week, we started shipping units to our early backers, but there is still much to do (we’re listening, promise) and we are on it.

I want to make sure you know what we are building, when, and to keep you updated on how we are constantly evolving and incorporating both your feedback and our learnings.

So here goes:

Early units

We received early feedback from developers when we sent out the developer consoles. Now we want feedback from you. The software, store, games will continue to evolve and grow, and as early backers who have exclusive access during this period before launch, we want you to be a part of that process.

We will continue to obsess over quality and performance. For example, we are considering adding additional magnets to the controllers so that the faceplates are more secure–no more falling off during shipments!

Got more suggestions? Because you will have exclusive access to the system while it’s in development we want to hear from you. We want you to love it!

Software (R)Evolution

Our software is constantly evolving. Right now, the team is focused on optimizing the performance of our software (this means responsiveness). In addition, we have a host of features we’re working on for the June launch. Here’s a glimpse at some of them:

  • External storage for games

  • Simpler game install process

  • More metrics for developers

  • Controller support for video players

  • More payment options

UI Experience

Our UI is simple. It will stay simple. We want it to be easy (and OBVIOUS!) for you to know what to do on OUYA. However, as more games come in, we will continue to work on discovery and curation of current games. More on this as it unfolds from Kellee :).


For some, these blogs aren’t enough. So write down all your questions and hit me up at my Reddit AMA the first week of May.

Games and Apps

Over 100 games and counting and they run the gamut — exclusives to OUYA, new developers, experienced developers, ports, you name it. We LOVE it. That’s the whole promise of OUYA: A world of great games among which you are sure to find new favorites!

We’ll be sharing some some of the most anticipated games hitting DISCOVER soon.

Keep cool and OUYA on!




The Head Honcho

  • David

    “we started shipping X units”

    Solve for X

    • Derrick

      Started = -r
      Shipping = y
      Days to launch = d

      f = (x + d)
      f = (x + 60)

      (-r * y) + f (f -y / -r) = 59,748

      -r = d – m – y
      -r = 04 / 05 * 13
      -r = 10.4

      (-10.4 * 59748) + f (f -59748 / -10.4) = 59,748

      f ( f 5745) = -621,379.2

      f * f = -108.16
      f = -54.08
      f = (x + d)
      f = (-54.08 + 60)
      f = 5.92

      Therefore 6 consoles have started shipping with one having a missing part.

  • Shawn

    So wait, those of use who got the exclusive (and spent more money) are getting ours last? Yeah that makes sense

    • Chinto

      Makes total sense, they want us to feel like the fat girl dumped right before prom night so they can ask us anything when our self-esteem is the lowest.

  • Fred

    Why is the OUYA limiting the number of controllers to four? It would have been fun to have support for 6-player local multiplayer.

    External installs: This is promising. I hope we will be able to save our downloaded game to a NAS disk.

  • Murray

    all sounds good. rare earth magnets are expensive, I would just use a plastic band around each stem of the controller to keep it in place during shipping. the only reason to add magnets are if users find the faceplates fall of during gameplay.

    keep up the good work!

  • Dazz

    As you might have seen (and guessed when deciding it) – people are miffed about having to wait because they decided to give more money. I’m a bit irked, but nothing that’s going to make me pull out a pitchfork.

    I understand logistically, it makes total sense. It just also seems a bit like a last minute decision about what to do, and there was no prior-planning before the shipment period began…

    I’m looking forward to playing around with my little box though. As an international, extra controller backer though, I’ll just be waiting a bit longer. Oh well; I’ve got things to keep me occupied until then!

  • Juan Manuel Herszhorn

    Hi Julie and everyone there! It would be really cool if you make a list of the people whom you already shipped the console. Only to keep our anxiety levels low. :)

    Kind regards from Uruguay!


    Keep up the good work Julie and team. Glad to see many things touched on that the OUYA community was curious about!


  • Josh Burkhead

    A sincere thank you for the update!

  • Carl

    Just how many are shipping per day? As a backer I’d like some way to gauge my expectations and frankly I’ve got nothing to go on from OUYA so far.

  • Michael Tucker

    Glad to see some issues getting addressed! I was worried about external storage – that’s probably the biggest reason we asked for a USB port.

    A little let down that the folks who ordered the extra controllers/limited editions have to wait longer though :( #276 standard with extra controller…might have to wait weeks more? Sadface… :(

  • Rugerfred

    Hi, i’m one of your backer.
    I read yesterday on the article about OUYA on Polygon ( ) that the controller have some input latency.
    This will be also on the consoles you are shipping now?
    Or you correct it in the future?


  • Eddie Givens

    So. I’m excited for the system. But, backing the Ouya on Kick starter and ordering the Collectors Edition with two controllers, just to find out that my CE will be part of the ‘last’ shipments just doesn’t sit well with me. I paid more, so shouldn’t the CE backers get a little benefit here on placement? Just curious… Oh well, I’ll keep an eye out for that pretty alert week long pretty shipment email during that last shipment phase… Sigh…. And I’m currently developing a game for this system using Unity…. (Sad face)

  • James Barnette

    So let me get this straight, Kickstarter Exclusives and people that pained extra are being put after regular orders? No offense but these are the people that made this happen and should be placed at the front of the line! I find this very wrong!!!!

  • Sasha

    I’m going to be very direct here. You HAVE to include the Play Store at least as an optional (not side-loadable) features on this. Being confined to one store is just way too limiting. It absolutely murders this device, which gains its whole appeal from the vast existing Android games library.

    Limiting users to only a small subset that have been tweaked for the Ouya store is an absolute dealbreaker for me. I’m willing to forgive a lot of things, but you need to have this sign in with a google ID so that existing Android users can directly access the apps they have already paid for.

  • Phil Butcher

    Thanks, Julie.

    This is an exciting time and I know you have probably been inundated with many angry comments about the shipping, but know that the majority of us understand that a) shipping 80000 units won’t happen overnight and b) that this is merely a perk for funding the project. We aren’t consumers in the traditional sense. We paid money to help this thing happen, not for an end point product. The fact that you guys are giving us early access at all is amazing.

    That said, one update that would be excellent is possibly a bit of transparency in the shipping process, such as if it goes by backer number, etc. That might quiet some of the grumbling voices a bit.

    I am super excited for my unit to arrive, whenever that may be. I am not expecting perfection. I know it is going to be a rough start. Every platform is, no matter how much work goes into the lead up. I am excited to see the evolution of the interface and software and hope people give you guys a fair shake (unlike the recent The Verge “review” of the unit).

    Backer 2772 , aka xeronius (OUYA user name)

  • Rob

    can’t wait it sounds like ill be able to easily make mahogany or chestnut wood controller pieces.

  • Mason Wheeler

    Some feedback: Those who did the most to contribute to the success of the Ouya project, by pledging at the highest levels, should receive their consoles first, not be pushed to the back of the line.

  • Russell

    One feature I would love for you guys to add, is the option for user to turn on password requirement to purchase anything. I can’t let any of my nieces or nephews play games where they might purchase items without my permission, and I would rather there there be more validation than a single button click. I don’t want to accidentally make unwanted purchases, because a purchase dialogue popped up in the middle of a game, and I was button mashing and accidentally hit ‘OK’.

  • Neil Crofts

    Thanks for the update Julie (and the emailed/kickstarter one), very appreciated.

    The fact you mention some of the things identified in some of the early bloggers/reviewers comments is comforting for those that buy the launch console in June.

    Looking forward to getting mine and giving feedback on the console – not to mention getting development moved forward for my own title.

    Very interested to hear of plans for the curation of the sandbox portion of Ouya – purely as a developer hoping to get his game noticed.

    Also interested to hear how things pan out for the organising of purchased titles. Exciting times ahead.

  • Kellic

    Meh. Can’t play the thing until my new TV shows up. So I’m in no rush. The only audio out you have on this is HDMI and is not on my old TV, which ironically died two weeks ago. The new TV should show up sometime in the next 2 weeks. 60″ of 1080p beauty with 3 HDMI ports.

  • Jensen

    Ok you here are some suggestions you should consider before the retail launch in june!
    Take your time with the software.. It can be updated anytime later on!
    What’s important is that you make sure the controllers are fully functional. The idea with more magnets is a good one :)
    Just improve the faceplates a little bit before you go into fulltime production. From all the reviews that i’ve read, some of the right faceplates aren’t aligning properly and don’t seem to fit perferctly :/ Buttons get stuck beneath the faceplate and the right analog stick catches on the edge of the faceplate that sticks out, which is really a bummer for a good gaming experience!
    Get rid of these lesser design flaws before you produce the majority of the controllers with problems and update the firmware and user interface from time to time and you should be good to go.
    Regards, Jensen :)

  • noreastervt

    thank you for your post, this should put at least some at ease. I know it has for me and I’m backer 47*** with an extra controller, but I feel closer to the project with this update and the weekly ones to come. Keep up the great work.

  • Larry

    Hi, When will we be seeing XBMC and OnLive? I preordered the OUYA to use as a media device first and games second. I know I am in the minority here. Also, at this time there are not any games on in the OUYA store that has what I call “eye appeal” and conplexity that I look for in games. Thanks

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    Thank for the constant communication to backers. There were many who speculated this day would never come, yet here we are!
    Niceties aside, I do want to take a moment to post a frustration I have about the shipment of devices. In the e-mail sent to backers recently you made a couple of statements that I feel are in conflict. First you emphasized quality over quantity when justifying production delays. However, when it comes to shipping the devices out to backers it seems that quantity is the focus. Specifically, shipping units to backers who only contributed the minimum amount to get a console is likely easier and will result in higher shipment numbers. However, as a backer who contributed more than the minimum I would have expected to at least be treated with equal priority (if not greater). I know it comes off as harsh, but as a means of quantifying the quality of a customer I would expect that part of that measure is the dollar value affixed to my transaction.
    I’ll wait patiently, but not silently. Thanks for the transparency and I hope this only encourages you to be more thoughtful towards the decisions and their explanations. I’d hate to think negative feedback would cause you to be less forthcoming in the future.

  • Fluffyonion

    I have a suggestion, you guys should develop your own multiplayer system including voice chat. Or maybe you could use onlive or teamspeak or something. If you do, You guys should create bluetooth headsets, and send it to all backers eithr for free or for a small price

  • herpderp

    I ordered mine in the original kickstarter and with an additional controller, now I could be waiting until May to receive my Ouya? If you guys don’t get it together GAMESTICK might end up taking a lot of your market share.

    What if I pre-ordered an Ouya for the April shipping? Does that mean I basically have to wait until everyone else has them in June? So much for pre-ordering.

  • herpderp

    Here’s a quote from the email they sent to the kickstarters today, “OUYA is shipping! I know you are anxious to play and probably want to know when to expect yours. Here’s the plan:

    We began shipping last week, 3/27 in fact. We had two days of manufacturing and then we had to stop for Easter. This week, we got 3 days of work and then had to stop for the Qingming Festival. I know this sucks but we will be picking up the pace.

    Starting next week, we will be building and shipping units 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Also, we are bringing on new vendors to help us deliver faster. However, we will not sacrifice quality for speed.

    The rollout will be as follows: We are starting with the standard OUYA unit (grey console+controller), then working on the Kickstarter exclusive units and units with more than one controller.”

    • herpderp

      Good luck. You probably won’t get it until June with the “Official Release”

  • Wireless G

    You guys really need to make the (full version) price of games clear and obvious before they’re downloaded. It’s an issue in every review. If the game just relies on in-app purchases or other monetization methods, make that clear instead. There’s no excuse for users having to download a game with no idea if it’s fully free, requires in-app purchases, or will cost them $20 after the first level. That makes for an uncertain, unpleasant experience.

  • Mark Lewis

    To whom it may concern:

    From what I understand, the controller design is inherently flawed; allowing buttons to become stuck, analog sticks to catch along the edges of the faceplate and get stuck when pushed to their maximum away from the neutral position.

    I’m sure I’m not the only one that would consider these “manufacturing defects” when applied to a gaming console (as is evident from the not-so-shining reviews on Engadget and The Verge as well as the comments sections of those reviews) and I’m thinking the design will not be changing before backers get their controllers and console units.

    As a consumer and gamer, I would be severely disappointed to have to permanently deal with crippled equipment for believing in and taking a risk on the OUYA platform.

    My concern is that, having backed OUYA for $130, I would end up with two controllers with annoying faulty designs and would be extremely disappointed at having to spend even more money to fix problems that should not have made it out of internal, user or dev testing phases.

    As a developer, I’d like to know that, if I move to developing for the OUYA platform, those playing my games are not being held back by these same design flaws (sticking controls, input lag, etc). I want to believe in OUYA because the other consoles are bad for indies and startups due to bad review processes and licensing. On the other hand they do have high quality hardware.

    Mark Lewis
    Indie Game Dev

  • TehShadowman

    So – As I understand it from the shipping update – Those who backed you for more money than others (as I did with the kickstarter only special and additional controller) have to wait longer for their console? That hardly seems fair. Someone should look at their priorities.

  • Victor Coleiro


    I’m just going to come right out and say it, when I first saw the removable face plates I thought that will be a disaster that will sink the Ouya. I wasn’t concerned as I firmly believed you would see the light of day before launching it and lose the removable face plates. It’s bewildering how anyone could have thought removable face plates were a good idea. It’s honestly an instant WTF moment whenever I see them

    So what now -> Lose the removable face plates.
    More magnets, wont fix the issues. Have normal battery doors via the back of the controller . Also have an attached 1 piece face plate that covers the whole face of the controller except the touch area ie not split half/half over the joystick (recipe for missalignment disaster)

    Removable magnetic face plates =

    1) Miss aligned plates that cause the buttons and joysticks to stick/catch

    2) Face plates that will be lost and broken as per normal battery covers – not good when they are on the front

    3) Face plates that move under your palms during gaming.

    4) Additional unneccessary cost to include the extra plates and magnets

    I can guarantee you that if the Ouya continues with the removable face plates and launches at retail with them, it will be a disaster that will sink the console. Not might or could, but WILL sink it.

    Choice is yours – do whats needed or sink.

    • Victor Coleiro

      Can you please delete my blog post above. I was a bit angry when I wrote that. I apologise for writing it actually.


  • Chris

    Can you give us an actual count on the number of consoles you have shipped so far?

  • James P

    Great news. I am still looking forward to receiving mine and watching it evolve over time. Well done. Good wishes for the official launch.

  • Erik Yek

    I ordered a twin-controller version a year ago (at US$119) and am now waiting indication from OUYA on the status of my order. Perhaps the dead silence could be attributable to the fact that I am residing in Singapore (seems too far to you?) With no communication coming from your end, I am left to wander if I had made an ill-advised decision to back your project. Some (or any) form of information regarding the shipment dates and ETA will be greatly appreciated.

  • Alan Roza

    Awesome news! I have to see this Software Evolution! Anxiously waiting my Ouya!!

  • TC

    Just curious “External storage for games” does this mean “launch day” consoles will be equipped with say a card reader or other form of expandable storage where as the backer units will not? Just kinda curious.

  • igounfazed

    Hello, I still have questions over your payment requirement options. I’ve sent a message on kickstarter, the Ouya site, and now here, with regards to a statement made on the previous update.

    Can my question be fully addressed? I do not want a system that mandates I have credit information attached to anything in order to use.

  • Andrew

    Very excited for the Ouya – but I’m concerned about the controllers. I read you are thinking of adding more magnets to keep the faceplates on – which is great. The other concern I have though is some early reviewers are mentioning the OUYA keys “sticking” down. How is that going to be addressed?

  • TheGunLoneman

    Gee, it sure would have been nice for you to mention that these were preview units at any point before they launched!

    It’s almost as if you’re lying and you never intended it to be a beta, then tried to cover up your incompetence by saying it was prerelease!

    Here’s the truth: You never told the Kickstarter backers they weren’t the real launch. In fact, a retail launch wasn’t even mentioned until February 5th, and we’re all supposed to pretend that we’re lucky that we get broken units because it’s only the beta? Please.

    Here’s what happened: You’re in over your head. The good games aren’t coming. Your best game is a port of an Android game that’s a port of a 6 year old DS game that’s a remake of a 23 year old Super Nintendo game. Half of the rest of your “featured games” category are AVAILABLE FREE IN BROWSER. You say in the initial video “Minecraft is on it” when it still hasn’t been announced. You’re liars and shysters and foolish and don’t understand anything about the games industry, or industry in general.

    You have already failed, but you’re pinning your hopes on an amazing well-received launch that will never come. Dreams aren’t business. Wanting something to be true does not make it profitable, and you’ve been so irresponsible that your investors likely have a reasonable suit against you.

    Your console is terrible, your business is terrible, and you are terrible.

  • Kyle Crumrine

    I am worried about the quality of the controller. I keep hearing in early reviews that the triggers and face buttons feel cheap and mushy, and that the controller is overall unresponsive.

  • Theuntje

    I’m kind off unpleased that you guys decided to deliver the grey with one controller ouya’s first. I pledged more to get an LE and two controllers and as thanks I can wait longer?

    As we would say in Dutch: Stank voor dank

  • maTTes

    I’m really really excited :-)

  • Daniele

    Mine is due to April… Can’t wait! (to game and develop)
    Keep up the good work

  • Jules

    Hi Julie

    Will the machine be region coded?


  • Volte6

    Daniele… you’re so naive.

  • Brynmor

    Preordered mine for April as well. Read countless reviews and I am not phased one bit by some of the negative “closed minded” comments. I am actually extremly disappointed that some of the major tech review companies out there cannot see the vision, purpose or potential that the Ouya team have developed. Ouya is an awesome concept brought to life and it will evolve to be one of the best home gaming consoles that you could own!

    Keep up the amazing work guys!
    I believe!

  • cjschris

    Will the UI speed be improved?

  • ign-prez

    Can’t wait to have my credit card raped.

  • taha

    i was wondering how long the shipping takes because am gonna leave my place in the end of the month

  • Simon

    Sweet! I can’t wait until Epic Games releases Android compatibility to UDK, that way I’ll be able to start creating soon!

  • mattviator

    Guys you need a file manager built in! And something like air droid installed out of the box would be nice :)

  • Kevin

    As a backer I am concerned when the review websites revealed that backers will be receiving “placeholder” beta hardware and that the actual launch OUYA will have better hardware.

    Since websites are now being told to wait until May for a better “review console” I have concerns that the backers are going to receive a poor and flawed hardware configuration.

  • Barrold Bonds

    So how do you guys plan on fixing the faulty controllers that went out to the Early Backers?

  • Terrell

    The ouya’s that are launching in June should come in different colors

  • Josh

    Maybe a Ouya app store web presence like Google play store? I’d bookmark it.

  • Yoku

    I really do not understand why you send an unfinished product to kickstarter backers and then tell them that they are part of the development process to the final product. I think everyone would have waited 2 months longer to receive something that does not feel like a beta-phase console, since no backer wanted to get a beta. Also, this would have avoided all the bad press coverage. I am really looking forward to my pre-ordered OUYA, I know it will be awesome, because everyone can see your dedication to this product.

    P.S.: will the controller in the final product be different to the backer-version?

  • JAS

    It’s seems like forever, waiting for this to come out. I know it’s going to be worth it. Now that shipping date has come and passes, I wish there was a way to get an estimate as to where we stand in the cue to get shipped. Am I going to get in within 2-3 weeks, or will I be the one to get end of May?

  • Stefan Mackovik

    Hello, I can’t wait getting my early-adopter ouya.

    Still I’m not conviced that your “free-to-play” – concept. There is a chance that this means a lot of games with ad banners in it and in-game-payments.

    In particular the last I really hate: not one game with in-game- payments comes onto my android devices.

    I’m willing to pay more for a game so that I don’t have to make payments during a game!

  • Staffan

    I read in one of the reviews that sometimes the faceplate didn’t fit properly and even had a negative effect on the performance of the buttons. If a (kickstarter) backer receives a poorly manufactured controller, will there be an easy way to have it replaced ?

  • Mike M

    I ordered mine with 2 joysticks. I’m from México and the e-mail said that my console will arrive on April. I’m still waiting.

  • Myster Matt’s the best android console if can include android Play Store on it..i know it’s a business strategy..but bear in mind that many of us not a full time gamers..we are from android phoners..we use to play android games from the Play Store..hope this dream will come June ;)

  • Mounhim

    Hi I have ordered back in January. When you say shipment early April, at what date should I start worrying if and when my Ouya will be shipped. Is there no option to provide a form where one can enter his or her order number to check when shipment is scheduled.

  • james

    Can you work with the red eclipse team to port it to ouya that will be epic

  • Maikel Lodewijk

    Hi Team OUYA,

    Could you please tell me if the OUYA which will be released in June is exactly the same as shipped to kickstarter backers?

    Keep up the good work!

  • Spencer

    I take it you’ll be shipping the ones that people who weren’t Kickstarter backers preordered before February right after the ones for the Kickstarter backers’ (boy, that sentence was worded awkwardly)?

    • herpderp

      I doubt most people will get their Ouya before May. This puts Ouya at a difficult spot with GameStick. Hopefully their release will improve. With over 8mil in Kickstarter money you’d think they would be able to deliver on their promises.

      From Delivery in March, to Shipping in March, to Rolling Shipping Starting in March… next it’ll be … preorders will go out along with the actual June release… thanks for the money though.

    • Troy

      They have yet to address any questions about pre-orders and it is very upsetting. At the time we were told they would ship in April. Since then, I have not received a single email and it looks like we will be waiting until May or June.

    • Bernard

      Also wondering this.. I was too late to back on Kickstarter and I haven’t received any information about shipping dates via email..

    • Robert

      However awkward your sentence the question came through. I ordered mine in December and I’m supposed to get it in April. If not true I’d like to know, my kid is hounding me about when I’m going to get me Ouya! So Ouya can you clarify or just start sending units out to “post kickstarter early backers”?

    • CadmiumRED

      Do you mean the OUYA consoles are also to be shipped from those that pre-ordered it via this site right when it became available? Because I fit the mold there, since I pre-ordered mine in October through this site. I sure hope I get my console soon.

    • Mounhim

      I would expect the same. Hoewever it is end of april and havent heard yet anything. Who do we contact to check the status?

  • AlexOde

    In the next blog update, could you tell us how far you’ve gotten on the shipping/which number you’re on at the time of writing the entry? Can’t wait to get mine…

  • Bob

    Request: A simple page that shows the current batch of backer numbers in production, how many units were shipped yesterday and how many were shipped last week.

    Something akin to:

    We’re working on numbers 5602 to 6135 right now.
    We shipped 450 units yesterday (April 8).
    We shipping 3000 units last week (April 1 through April 7).

    Have that data update daily.

    You will cut down on your customer’s lamentations by entire orders of magnitude if you provide just that little amount of information every day.

  • Johnathon

    Can’t wait to see what other games are coming to the OUYA! Hope to hear more news about Visorman, to be honest.

  • Lelala

    Go go go, friends!
    Watch especially the indy-game-developers, you will be backed by them, primary ;-)

  • outwar6010

    it would be nice if you had the playstore on it otherwise £100 is just too much for a console priced sooo close to the ps3

  • Fillipe

    I can’t wait…


  • Blake

    I emailed Ouya support and they confirmed that pre-orders will be shipped out in late April, can’t wait to get mine!

  • Matt

    You guys planning on shipping it out or what?

  • Phillip

    How will u be able to buy games ???

  • Phillip

    U should maybe add a pay safe card option

  • John

    Waiting to get mine in April… Can you guys at least say when in April they will start shipping??

  • Maxprey

    Do Kickstarter backers get any kind of notification when their console has shipped? Still waiting to hear about mine…

  • jason

    Can you please let us know how many units you are shipping each day?

  • Jan Müller

    Hey, I’ really happy about your public relations! :)
    I’m sure you heard this before, but it seems very important to me that you’ll get a full-fleshed game out (or at least announced). The 100+ games you have right now are mostly ports from mobiles, which kind of defy the argument of TV as a better alternative to mobile gaming.
    I want a game that puts all that screen (and all those buttons) to good use! Minecraft as a 100% announcement, a video of the Tokidoki game… this would really help to address the critics.

  • Ruben

    I’m so excited the days aren’t passing by fast enough.
    never developed a game before but since the software will be available might as well see what I can do =D.

  • Dorian

    Ok. I like it but will it be in stores in Europe or we will need to order it or something (i live in Croatian) i would love to get feedback. Thanks!

  • Andrew

    Hi, I’m moving house and would like to update my address so I dont miss out on the awesomeness that is the OUYA.

    Can someone point me in the right diretion (Or get it delivered by end of April ;-) )?

  • MichaelT

    In what order are they shipping? By backer number or by last name or by ZIP code? I’m still awaiting mine!

  • Jerry

    I ordered before February because it said it was the last chance to put in your pre-order for delivery in April. Am I still getting my unit in April? I only ask because the title of this blog confuses me “60 days till launch”?

  • Karl Doell

    My ouya was suppose to come march 28th. It’s 12 days later. I was wondering if anyone knew when I can be expecting it?

  • CaptainPedge

    Kinda annoyed that limited edition backers are getting shafted and put to the back of the queue. We contributed more and are being made to wait. What gives?

  • Drew

    I was supposed to get this in march according to kickstarter, and now its April. Sucks to Suck

  • Emmett

    The idea for OUYA is so cool, but I have a notebook full of ideas for it. Literally, a whole notebook.

  • Fred Again

    Why is the OUYA limiting the number of controllers to four? It would have been fun to have support for 6-player local multiplayer.

    External installs: This is promising. I hope we will be able to save our downloaded game to a NAS disk.

    *try 2*

  • Andrew

    I’ve preordered my console for the official release in June and am very excited! :-)

    I’ve heard a few early adopters say that the seam where the battery doors and the middle black section meet can cause a slight “catching ” or “bumpy” feel when the control stick or d-pad hits against it. It seems like it’d be a better design to have the black section completely encircle the d-pad and right analog stick so there is no seam to have to contend with.

  • Bilbo Baggins

    Do The Developers (like Me When I Get One) Get To Publish Their Games To OUYA For Cash?

  • Scott

    I don’t like the fact that the kickstarter exclusive edition is going to be one of the last one’s shipped out, I pay extra for the kickstarter edition and an extra controller only to see I get low priority

  • Scott

    Are there any concerns about Kickstarter negative outlook on Ouya device due to how recent Public Relations have went? I ask because there are a lot of people that paid MORE than 100 dollars to see the project get off the ground and for their thankfulness they are put at the end of the production line. For example, the Limited Edition Brown editions and the other people that bought into the idea are the one’s most likely to get it maybe 1 or 2 weeks before the retail launch.

    I personally think a June 4th launch is too soon, as well as putting the “standard’ version kickstarters before the people that paid more because they believed in something different. In return, we get our products last for more money than retail. yay.

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    comments are still in mod queue when left a day before the ones that are allowed. i didnt say anything offensive or untrue. there is a very important difference between moderation and manipulation. you have not even launched and are already acting like the orths of the console world. lol.

  • Mario

    I think the UI should stay simple, but it doesn’t seem polished enough yet. Also I haven’t heard any information about a multiplayer feature on the ouya.

  • Scott

    I see nobody from Ouya bothers to reply to any comments

  • Big Boy

    How do I find out when my OUYA will be shipped?

    Is there a queue and a position number for me within that queue?

  • John

    How do I check my order status. (early Kickstarter backer)

    I have not received mine yet…

  • numlocks

    Where’s the new update? It’s Friday right?

  • herpderp

    “Also, every Friday, on our blog (, we will update you on our progess and plan. As of today, we plan on making our final delivery in May. In fact, until now we were sending shipping alerts only when your shipment left the assembly line. Because you asked for it, we will now send out pre-shipping alerts a week before to let you know your order is queued up.”

    FAIL! It’s getting pretty late on Friday…
    Also… MAY! MAY! Shipping. The February pre-order will be going out when then? Along with the actual release in June?

  • carlos

    wheres the update? all these people are sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for their units. the least you could do is post the updates first thing on Fridays!!!!

  • Zilch

    Any ETA on shipping for the pre-orders?

    I backed on Kickstart, but then pre-ordered from the website. All the shipping info seems to be for the customers who bought a console when they backed the project…

  • Cristian

    i payed my console 2 months ago, and i dont have notices yet. i need information please.

  • Tony Rayo

    Hey Simon, I’m afraid UDK support is not coming to Android/Ouya. There was a time a couple years back when Epic was getting involved in iOS development that Android was something that was expected “in time”. To date, Dungeon Defenders is the only titled that has been ported to the Android platform; okay correction, it looks like both Gameloft and Square Enix have also created Android titles for Android, with Square Enix being a Tegra 3 exclusive. However it still appears that Epic has no current interest in supporting Android/OUYA and your best bet for a similar experience would be Unity 3D (which also offers a free version of it’s tools to test out and then if you want to go to market you can buy the required license(s).

  • dickhead

    fart hole

  • Charlie uyeno

    This is the email I got back dec. 30th 2012 does my order come on April or is it June?
    Welcome to the OUYA family!
    This confirms that we have received your Pre-Order successfully. Your order will be shipped to the address provided in April, 2013.

    We will keep you posted on the details of your order, but feel free to stop by the website anytime. We will be updating it with launch news, inside-peeks at some of the great free games under development, and much more
    Do I get it in April or in June?

  • Mpegforever

    Please update this webpage I see every day with some news…I’m waiting for the date, for news, tnx !
    Keep it up !

  • Karl

    Looks like ouya doesnt give a hoot about the backers anymore.

  • Ariel

    Bueno esto ya no me gusta. Dijeron que nos mantendrán informados con actualizaciones cada viernes. Yo pre ordene la consola confiando en ustedes pero este silencio, sumado a los comentarios de sobre la consola (todos parecen estar muy decepcionados) me están haciendo dudar de que haya sido una buena idea. ¿ Podrían por favor comentarnos el estado actual de los envíos? Creo, ademas, que mas de uno queremos saber si es posible obtener un reembolso y cancelar el pedido.

    Well I do not like this. They said they will keep us informed with updates every Friday. I pre ordered the console trusting you but this silence, plus comments on the system (all seem to be very disappointed) are making me doubt that it was a good idea. Could you please tell us the current status of shipments? I also believe that more than one want to know if I can get a refund and cancel the order.

  • Joe

    I take it that preorder prior to 4-Feb is not yet ready for delivery?
    It would be great if pre-orderers are informed of the progress.


  • Sean

    Any update on the April orders? It is April and few other customers and I are antsy to receive them!

  • Phil

    So what about early pre-orders? My email says “Your order will be shipped to the address provided in April, 2013.” Is this still the case?

  • Miggimoto

    It is getting pretty late for the delivery of the kickstarter backers consoles…
    I’m kind of upset to get the console only a few days before the official start – Everyone who wants ouya will just go to a store and Bix the console just a Bit After me. Delivery was scheduled for march. you BEGAN in March, but most consoles will be delivered only in may.

    i did my payment in schedule and gave you my trust. you are not delivering on schedule.

  • Robert

    Thanks for the heads-up.

    Is there any way to guess, when a specific (my) console is going to be shipped? Or perhaps guess when the last backer console is going to leave the factory, and hence knowing the latest possible date?

    I assume the first backer got the first console etc.
    Maybe there’s a way to let us see, what our number is, and which backer number is going out of factory tomorrow?

  • Plat

    Bonjour j espère que xbmc sera opérationnel finalise au mois de juin mais pas en phase bêta merci pour votre reponse

  • dan

    Have you shipped to Canada yet?

  • Nikolas

    Where is it! I have been waiting forever and mine has still not come! Im starting to get really angry because I want it sooo bad!

  • Alastair (wallmasterr)

    mines is aparently due in April too, would be nice to get mine before ludum dare

  • Daniel

    Hi guys. I live in Europe and I have preordered the ouya. What are the possibilities for wallplug connections? Will it be an adapter of some kind?

    Thank you for all the hard work! I am looking very much forward to receiving my Ouya in summer.

    Warm regards
    Daniel Jensen

  • David Waijers


    I have backed an ouya last year. But it has still not arrived.. I live in europe.

  • Antoine

    Oh man i can’t wait… Is OUYA going to be in sudamerica

  • eric chiu

    when will ship out ???

    today is 22 Apr !!!

  • TuKo

    I would love to have a way to pin my favorite games and apps on main screen.

  • Paul Glynn

    Some idea of progress would be appreciated. Sixty days from April 5 will be June 5. Is that a target that preorders can expect to be shipped? I’m sure you have a fairly specific number of preorders, do you have any idea of when the shipping will be accomplished? Will this dribble over several months or will most of us see our purchase the first week of June? Is there still a question as to whether everyone will get a unit? I see the comment about magnets above. At some point you have to break your designers pencil and start getting product out.

  • http://MinewasdoAprilAprilisalmostoverplxhurry Arrow97

    Mine was do April April is almost over plx hurry

  • Dan

    When are you shipping to Canada?

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    what a fucking joke

  • Steve

    I’m still waiting for my pre-order for the Ouya to arrive with eager anticipation! C’mon it’s already almost MAY and it was supposed to arrive in April!

  • Mitchell

    I have been waiting since June last year for OUYA and i preorderd it before February and i was meant to receive it in April for my birthday hopefully on the 27th since i wasnt given a tracking number so i would just like to know if its sent or not i can wait

  • Impatient

    Where is my OUYA?
    What are the expected times for European backers?

  • Ozzy

    So I pre-ordered before Feb and was supposed to be getting mine in April, but why haven’t I heard anything from you guys yet?

  • Richard

    If you had a remote available separately you could leverage the streaming from Netflix, Youtube etc.

  • Braldt

    Still waiting on my April due Ouya. An update would be nice.

  • Josiaaaah

    is it possible to pre-order in N.Z. coz i really dont have a clue and they look really good! -josiah

  • Ger

    I am still waiting the email…..
    I want OUYA in Argentina !!

  • Leonard Lin

    Just got my Ouya and unpacked. Would be nice if there was some sort of open reporting/tracking (Uservoice or Get Satisfaction?). Have a lot of comments about my initial signon/onboard process but I’m sure a lot of stuff has been pointed out already or is already being worked on…

  • papercoffee

    I quote my self from the march shipping blog entry:

    “‘want to ask if the payment for the games can be additional made over paypal …or with prepaid cards?

    And I don’t like the battery system of the gamepad …is there no way to implement an USB cable into the device to charge a built-in rechargeable battery?”

    • papercoffee

      Ok forgot the battery thing …a friend convinced me that a removable one would be better.

      But still stands the question about the additional payment methods.

      • Bailey

        I’m so happy that the ouya is coming out thanks for making it.

  • chris

    Finally got my shipping tracking number, However its estimated to arrive June 25 – July 5th, WTF. According to the site, retail release is also June 25th. Thanks OUYA. For my support I get my consol on or after the rest of the world. I really hope this means I am getting one of the updated controllers and something extra.

    • Tim

      Chris, sorry to hear you’re frustrated. We continue to do our best getting OUYAs to the doorsteps for all of our early backers and pre-order customers but understand that the delays we’ve run into to-date with our distribution partners only make matters worse. The good news is that your shipment will have the absolute latest controller hardware / firmware that we’ve updated based on the feedback from our community. Again, I hate that you don’t yet have your OUYA. Please be sure you’re using the most up-to-date service to track your packages:

      If you live in the U.S., use this link to track your OUYA order:

      If you live outside of the U.S., use this link to track your order:
      [IMPORTANT: be sure to enter your tracking # in the second text box labeled ‘Item Cust_Ref’ field; it’s case-sensitive.]

  • Ron

    Im one of those early backers!

    And i love the fact that Ouya starts selling retail in 2 days (as far as i could se)

    And im still waiting for my Ouya

    Thanks for not believing in your believers

    • Tim

      Ron, thanks for your note. I’ve sent your email and note to our CS team and they’ll follow up ASAP (Mon or Tue at the latest). Thanks for your patience and support!

  • Jason A

    1337 backer here. No console, no shipping conf, not even a response to my ticket submitted weeks ago per the FAQ request to submit a ticket if I hadn’t recieve my conf. TBH, the executive team’s experience professional experience led me to invest thousands of dollars in this idea, but the way it has played out has been the same as any amateur tinkering in their basement from a customer interface perspective.

  • Depo

    I pre-ordered mu OUYA on Jan 31st. I haven’t heard a word about it since. I emailed an inquiry through the website, and only received an automatic reply. PLEASE, PLEASE can someone at OUYA give me an idea when I will receive my unit? I’ve never had such difficulty getting an answer from a company before. All one has to do is look on the internet to see the kind of feedback OUYA is getting from customers. It’s not good. Please, consider having an automated system created to look up order progress. I fear that OUYA is destroying its reputation before the company really even had a chance.

  • Steve

    Pre-Ordered back in December. No tracking number, No response to my e-mails. I’m glad that all of us that believed in the project early on will be getting our consoles AFTER the retail launch. This means that instead of sending consoles to your pre-order and KS customers you are more concerned with getting them to retail. Meaning pre-order and KS customers are paying for the privilege to get their consoles AFTER launch. Seems legit.

  • adesito

    Another early backer without OUYA… you sent me the tracking number but it didn’t work. All tracking webs you send in your emails, show me “no info” or something like that.

    And you sent at the end of the email: “Your order was shipped via DHL Global Mail Packet Plus, and is estimated to arrive June 25, 2013 – July 15, 2013.”

    15 July!!! … is it a joke? I worked with DHL before, and I sent packets with 30kg weight from China to Spain with only 7 shipping days.

  • Kevin

    I feel the same as Ron the Ouya is now on sale here in the uk but no word about my pre order that was made in January. I have sent another support request today hopefully I get an update regarding my order soon. Seems unfair that people who didnt pre order can walk into a shop and buy one but I’m not even getting updates?

  • Guido

    I bought my unit on february, till now i received nothing, nor the console nor a refund

  • Benjamin Nowak

    Major faux paus supplying retailers before your pre-orders- I placed my order in December. No communication since my order- Perhaps you should consider sending something extra to those who supported you long ago and have gotten nothing yet.

  • Maxi

    Where is my console? =(
    Im from Argentina and i payed the last year a preorder but don’t received my ouya!!!

  • Joan Pau Rué

    Hello, I have no news about my OUYA. I didn’t receive any tracking number. I’ve sent a lot of mails but only had robot’s answer. Please, sent to me an answer! regards.

  • Edwin

    Pre-ordered one and paid for it early March, including shipping to the Netherlands. Heard nothing from OUYA ever since. Now the bloody thing is earlier in the stores and sold out than sent out to me. No way I’m ever going to pay a single dime in advance to these people.

    You are so disappointing… all the kickstarter / look-at-us-being-different-than-the-big-boys charm is gone for me, absolutely gone.
    I’d rather have my money back.

  • Andrey

    Hello, we wanted was to discuss cooperation for a large number of orders in the game console, but I do as I can not find contacts to communicate with you, Please help me for contact with OUYA

  • Brad

    You know I was hoping OUYA would be different, well guess I was wrong. I ordered mine on the very first day the excepted preorders and here we are June 26th and no OUYA. Best Buy got theirs, I did not and to make things even more interesting the tracking number they sent me 8 days ago still does not show up when I try to track it on DHL’s sight. If this is the way you are going to start doing business, I know I maid a mistake with this purchase. I should not be surprised, just another company claiming to be different and guess what, they are not.

  • toonraver

    So…got my console today! Started messing around with it, and in about 30 minutes had the 8GB of internal memory full…so now what. I really expected more from this console as far as external storage is concerned…I mean my phone as a 32gb micro SD card…crap even my junky $30 mp3 player has a micro sd slot; I am fairly certain the same could have been done on this device at the very least. This is a HUGE deal breaker for me as I had intended on using the “external capacity” promised in this consoles vision, to it’s full extent. Currenty I have a device that my phone out performs because we are given no viable way to install more than 8GBs of apps/game at launch. Who releases a game console with no way of actually buy/playing more than a few games! We need better from you if you expect us to stick around.

  • Ferdian

    Is there any news about the shipping to europe? i’ve sent several e-mails but you never respond. How long do we have to wait for the pre-orders to arrive?

  • JP

    So my two cents for those who will listen:

    I’m an early back and an avid gamer, much less now that I’m older and have family (kids). I will tell you though that being an early backer, I feel I should have some preference in getting the console before others and being treated with a bit more respect than no email notification of when I should be expecting the console. I understand the difficulties in shipping several thousands of units and operating on a shoestring budget to do it, but as an early backer, I put faith in this idea and was willing to support it like many others to see it happen. I’m a big Android fan in general – kicked Apple to the curb as far as my phone goes a while a go. As such, I was expecting a better response than this – perhaps some notification that gave me more information instead of having to hunt and peck on the website and send an email asking ‘where is my friggin OUYA?’. I truly hope you guys get your act together and start realizing that you will lose your customer base really fast if you don’t turn things around. I read a recent review of the system – it’s not promising – many software glitches, a controller trackpad that has seizures, and limited access to games. That doesn’t bode well for your early adopters support going forward. Get your proverbial act together and start treating customers like customers. If I were you, I would throw in an extra controller for free for people like me who are still waiting and have no information on shipment. That might at least show some effort in pleasing your customers instead of giving them FAQs to read about where my console shipment might be floating on some tugboat in the Pacific Ocean.

  • Josiah

    I was wondering when I would get my Ouya since I paid for it in Like February and I still don’t have it. Or why I haven’t gotten a response to any of emails although it’s said it would be 2 or 3 days and it’s been 2 weeks. HMMMMM

  • Shannon

    I’m an early back and I’m still waiting for my OUYA. The tracking number indicates that it’s been sitting in Hong Kong since June 20th….sigh

  • sg

    I am still waiting for ouya, I am one of this who backed on kickstarer.

    Here is one of the quotes from your recent kickstarter update emails:
    ” On average, shipment processing–from fulfillment center to product delivery–runs 20 days, end to end. It takes 3 to 5 days to pick, pack and ship the units out — and then 15 to 17 days of transit time. Therefore, if you received your tracking number with your shipping confirmation email, your unit is on its way.”

    I know you have a long process to deliver the ouya to the backers like me. Likewise I have done long journey to pay the money as one of your backers. I graduated ( took 20 years), done post graduation ( took 2 years) and found a job, which took another 1 year, so that I can earn enough money to pay to be one of the backers of ouya on kickstarter. You guys are not the only one working to get some thing built. I have to work for my money as well. You guys didn’t delayed any time taking my money from my account, but when it comes to you guys fulfilling the promise, , you blame it on shipping company.
    Julie, take some accountability.
    Being a CEO of a hardware making company, you know you are responsible until the customer receives the product, not when the product reaches the assembly line.
    I was very excited at the start when I backed open source project, now realising that I backed greedy people, their ambition to launch the product in retail, instead of satisfying the backer.

  • Ali

    hi dear
    i have payd for OUYA 17/06/2013 but still didn`t recieve the shipping information.
    could you check it please.
    thanks a lot

    Alikhan Mamedov

  • Maranda

    Love that the autoresponder for my “where the bleep is my console” ticket points to an April blog post saying “don’t worry we’re on it”. It’s July.

  • Tim

    It’s July 12th and I still haven’t even been able to pull up the DHL tracking number for my shipment? So that means it’s still not even in the USA yet? This is ridiculous. How do the retail outlets have their supply of OUYA’s before the early backers who made this even possible for you people?! I was planning on developing for the OUYA, but this has really soured my initial impression of this company/device…

  • Suriya


    i have payd for OUYA 15 Jan, 2013 but still didn`t recieve the shipping

    Thank you

    Suriya Suttisan

  • Alvin


    May I know what’s the status of my order? It is already two weeks into July 2013…It was meant to be a birthday gift for someone on 11th July 2013. Will really appreciate if my order can be expedited.

    Order Number:INV7ddf971b299d8171da81bfa9058d57d5
    Reference Id:ERFP8A028854

  • Victor

    I have ordered in Feb 2013. I still don’t get any shipping information.

    When arrive?


  • RobertYeh

    I have orderd in Jan 10 2013. Still not recevied any shipping info.

    Order Number:INVb17c7223adfcc213b49eb166e65b94cd
    Reference Id:EXJPA4835F16