While the team and I are still humming from an awesome week at E3 — getting to meet so many of you, our players, as well as our developers, in person — the OUYA train continues to steam ahead as we prepare for our next huge milestone [drumroll please]… LAUNCH!

That’s right — on June 25th (that’s next Tuesday people!), OUYA will be rolled out in the U.S., Canada, and in the U.K., on Amazon and in stores such as Best Buy, GameStop, GAME, and Target.

So … let’s kick-off the countdown today with one of my favorite games coming to OUYA, MirrorMoon EP.  Developed by Santa Ragione, MirrorMoon EP was an Independent Game Festival Finalist – and Santa Ragione participated in our CREATE  game jam earlier this year! –  and will be available on OUYA this coming Fall.

From the folks at Santa Ragione, “We are super excited about working with OUYA. We love making experimental games and it’s awesome for us to have the support of people whose minds are as open as their platform.”

MirrorMoon EP is a beautiful and mysterious space adventure that begins on a red planet and its unique moon…. what happens after that is for you to discover!


OUYA on!



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  • phil

    sadly … sadly … that normal people can buy an ouya in the stores before the pre-orders get theirs!! and pre-orders have to pay custom fees….. its a shame…

    • http://jimeagle.com Jleagle

      Yup. I just got my email yesterday saying it can take upto 2 weeks to be delivered.

  • CadmiumRED

    OUYA, you seriously piss me off with this message. How can you even stomach that the pre-ordered customers won’t get their units before the public can get theirs? Isn’t that the point of pre-ordering a product? This is beyond disturbing and gut-churning.

    • Tony Rayo

      That seems a bit much. Yes I agree that I don’t believe it’s fair, but at the same time maybe more Kickstarter Supporters could have OUYA units, but they would have had them with faulty controllers. I think the real downturn is shipping though. DHL can be great (I recently received a package from Hong Kong to D.C. in less than 72 hours and it was shipped out on Saturday; however that was via DHL Express), however I do believe they were the wrong choice in this situation.

      Ideally at least 5 continental base of operations should have been in place to receive stock in bulk and then find the ideal local carrier. Of course this is bit of a logistical nightmare and would have involved computing complex shipping fees, but if OUYA wanted to make the claim that Kickstarter Supporters would have units before they were available at retail, a different course of action needed to happen (be it the one I described or another).

      Yes I have multiple OUYAs (although one is a devkit on loan that I really should return this week) and have given one to a friend who was tired of waiting but with the condition that he promised to pass his along in the same fashion when his arrived (which as of today it has not, but I believe he is donating his unit to a local high school as they are testing out platforms for their students to learn different types of programming languages on over the summer). However even when I was without one (many others had theirs) and sent out a call to friends and business partners in hopes of obtaining any unit to optimize my titles, I never was angry/sicked/etc at OUYA. Maybe I wasn’t the happiest pickle but I think we should all try to keep our emotions in check and be happy that we have the disposable income to even afford an OUYA unit while realizing that even corporations with tens of thousands of employees and billions of dollars miss deadlines, run into a shortage of parts, etc.

      Your friend in code,
      Tony R.

      • Troncoso

        That entire last paragraph added nothing to your point. Are all of us who have been waiting several months for our pre-order just suppose to go out and find some guy with multiple Ouyas do buy one from?

        He’s right, honestly. I can’t even say they are handling this poorly. They aren’t handling it at all. If you look through some of these blog comments, you’ll see Tim replying to people complaining about their orders. At first I thought that was cool of him. Then, you keep reading and you realize he just says the exact same thing to everyone “I’m sorry you feel that way. I’ll send your order info to lajlskdfja” He never responses when people ask questions about the delays, why backers aren’t getting their orders, why this issue hasn’t been addressed, etc.

        Backers and early pre-orders paid for these units early with the direct incentive that we would get our product before they came to market. As soon as the 25th hits, they will have failed to keep their end of the deal to many people. In my opinion, at that point, they owe their supporters something.

        • Tony Rayo

          I don’t disagree with anything you said (well, maybe the first two sentences). I added the last paragraph for full disclosure and to say that I wasn’t a happy camper either. I was expressing my own experience; yes I recognize that it’s not likely one many can relate to, however my trials with the console is the only one I feel comfortable talking about.

          I believe everyone who does not have a OUYA in hand, yet were promised one, has been served up a great disservice (literally lack of service), however this post was by Kellee, who deals with developers and was hired months after the Kickstarter ended. Point being, there are better places to express your disappointment (if you feel the need to do so) but even then it would be ideal if people could remain civil and not be overly dramatic (heh I’ve seen multiple death threats against the OUYA Team; something that would likely be ignored but should be avoided as well).

  • Ron

    All that matters is XBMC/Console Emulation/Its Android Based.. And it will get delivered when its done right ;0)

  • MrBill

    I’ve cancelled my OUYA pre-order. I’m a bit disgusted that I will be able to buy this in the shops when I pre-ordered in August 2012. I’m not even sure I will buy an OUYA any more – my experience has been tainted.

    OUYA obviously got what they wanted from us – some cashflow, but as for looking after your supporters, we’ve not just been left out on a limb. Thank you very much – NOT.

    I quite expect to lose money on this refund too with the exchange rate having changed, and it being much too late to do a refund via paypal without incurring charges (to me).

  • CadmiumRED

    Troncoso said it right. OUYA indeed owes us for not keeping their end of the deal as they told us they would. If they give us games for free, then that’d be fine. Look at Nintendo and their 3DS when it was released, they gave customers a bunch of games for free through their 3DS Store as a form of compensation for overpaying on the console. The least OUYA could do is some kind of apologetically courteous gesture for not receiving the OUYA before the general public as was promised. They’re obligated to do so, at least I would think. But hey with OUYA, they might not! That’s them for ya!

    Oh yeah, and I agree about Tim. I thought it was cool at first replying to a bunch of people. Then after reading all the responses, I soon realized that he was told to say the same thing to everyone from someone higher and not allowed to say anything else. Courteous indeed.

    Oh yeah, and gloating having multiple OUYAs is just adding salt to the wound to a lot of us Tony. That was unnecessary to say, and it makes us madder for saying it. All of us who were backers/pre-order customers are entitled to be mad for not having the console that was promised to us on time from Julie.

    • Tony Rayo

      I wasn’t gloating in the least, also even though there may be two OUYAs housed in my office now, there was a time when many people in the US had received their units and I was still waiting for my initial shipping e-mail. I completely sympathize with anyone who doesn’t have their well-deserved OUYA in hand, I just try to live a life without unneeded stress, so I apologize if that came off as gloating or not caring about the community at-large (text is rubbish for communicating the tone of someone’s speech).

      As far as legally speaking (although I do not know if this is what you meant by “obligated”), as long as they ultimately fulfill shipments, Kickstarter won’t likely step in. Morally (as well as to save face with the gaming community) speaking, I would definitely say that there is an obligation that needs to be satisfied. Based on what I’ve seen so far, I expect to see an ultimately empty apology and then focusing on moving forward from Julie. This has all garnered OUYA bad press on the Internet, however I don’t know if that will make a big impact in the retail market.

      At this point I’m thinking of not releasing our launch title for OUYA (3 years in the making, 6 months of which were dedicated to Tegra-specific optimizations). 2 minor bugs are left and we’ve held a tentative release date of July 5th for a while. So much of the title is controller centric as well as designed for an HD screen, I think I might return to my Playstation roots (our team of three as it exists now worked on additional artwork as well as coding for a previous PS3-based PSN title and before that I did translation work/QC for a PSP title). I’ll still end up releasing the other application that we developed though, as it was mostly a technical trial to see how optimized Litecoin mining could be on OUYA hardware and only took 3 weeks of on and off coding.

      • Warwick B. Chapman

        Holla bra

        How far did you get with Litecoin mining on Ouya? I’d like to put mine to work.


  • Brian Roth

    I received my OUYA the other day, I LOVE IT!! I feel like a kid again. The ability to install software from the store and from apps I purchased off of my phone is great! I installed GTA 3 and it works amazing.

    I know over the next few months there will be tweaks to the system, the one thing that is needed, is to utilize external storage to install software. The 5 gigs of free space goes way fast.
    Thank you again for a great new product!!


    • Tony Rayo

      I was able to mount an external ext3 formatted drive, however it wasn’t an easy process. External HD support has been promised for a while, so I would expect to see a user-friendly version in an upcoming firmware update.

  • Blake

    MirrorMoon looks incredible! I’m gettin that!

  • Sam

    can’t wait for MirrorMoon, looks great!

  • marcelfrancoeur

    Please sée concrète games ex.ace gin rummy this is ma de for ouya.