Just over a month ago, we announced the exclusive OUYA game “Soul Fjord” by Kim Swift and Airtight Games. If you missed the announcement, which includes a very cool trailer, check it out!

In this latest video, Kim and the team discuss the thought process behind two of the characters in the game – Mangus Jones and the Lounge Dragon. Character creation is a an essential aspect of every game and creating personalities from the 1970’s is no easy task…..after all, most of us have no clear memories of that time.

So that’s it — enjoy this video and thanks to the team @ Airtight Games.  They are hard at work….(maybe a little too hard at work after seeing this video).


The OUYA Team

  • Gerardo

    can someone tell me who are the Ouya.tv early backers are? Are they the people that pre ordered ouya for april? Because in one of Ouya’s blogs it says that backers and Ouya.tv backers will get their Ouya before the end of may. Its May 31 and i was just wondering because its been awhile since Ouya has posted shipping updates.

    • boxtropica

      Early backers are the people that backed up Ouya on Kickstarter. Sorry, but if you pre-ordered you will be waiting until the end of June.

  • http://tablet--test.com Tobias

    Hi there, are all german preorders from kickstarter are already sent out? A friend of mine received it and mine isn’t here yet.

    Tanks Tobias

  • andre

    its was for both backers and people that preorder for april shipping.julie said all system where shipped and the lastest you would get a trcking number email is the may 29 but they lied now there not saying anything about what going on with the shipping i hoping they realy get there stuff straight cus this waiting game is bs

  • Gerardo

    this is wat i meant. I pre ordered mine for April but 2day is June 3rd and no Ouya. TBH im getting irratated

    • Michael L

      Join the ever growing list of backers/pre-orders who are getting no information on where their consoles are or what the hold up is.

      Last I heard it was shipped and I should expect a tracking number within a week. 2 weeks later I can’t get any response from Ouya and seem to be in the same boat as a lot of people.

      I’d like my money back but even if i can’t I’m at the point where i hope they don’t succeed because this type of poor communication should not be rewarded.

  • Feist

    I love the coffee mug guy from the soul fjord video ^^