Hopefully you’ve already come across our game Joe Danger on OUYA, which we released just the other day, but if you haven’t, hey, we released our game on OUYA the other day!

In case you don’t know about us, we’re the developer of an upcoming game called No Man’s Sky, which is a science-fiction adventure in which you explore an infinite procedurally generated galaxy.

Our first game, however, was Joe Danger, a game about pulling crazy stunts over shark-infested swimming pools and spike traps. It’s a bit different to No Man’s Sky :D

Joe Danger 1

We released the original Joe Danger on PS3 a few years ago, and people really seemed to like it. It’s crammed with a lot of the games we grew up with, like Excitebike and Mario, Sonic and Tony Hawk. It’s bright and colourful, and also really challenging and rewarding, and it folds in lots of different styles of play, from platforming to racing, so it feels really busy and sweeps you along.

Maybe you’ve played it! We hope you’ve played it, because Joe Danger for OUYA is actually different. It’s based on our first game for smartphones, and it’s a whole new experience!

In fact it’s a doubly whole new experience. A new-new experience.


When we started about designing a Joe Danger game for smartphones, we had to think about touchscreen controls, and we came up with a scheme we’re pretty proud of, where you swipe to pull stunts, hold the screen to crouch and release to jump, and tap to destroy obstacles. It felt fresh and new, and responsive!

But when we started thinking about Joe Danger for OUYA, of course we had to put the controller back in.

The result is actually now our favourite way to play it. You hit A to start off, hold O to duck and release to jump. You hit Y to collect coins, and U to collect the special Hello Games coins. Finally, the thumbstick and D-pad let you do wheelies, endos and tricks, plus switch lanes. (Hope you read closely: we’ll be asking questions at the end.)

The result is actually now our favourite way to play it…

We get our best scores on the controller, and it also makes Joe Danger feel different all over again. Not quite like the original Joe Danger for consoles, and also not like the touchscreen version. It’s responsive and you’ll need to keep on your toes – we think you’ll like it :)


But actually, the real, spiritual, getting-us-in-the-feels reason is that playing Joe Danger on a TV is, for us, totally where he should be. Joe Danger has always been about friends sitting around and laughing when he gets knocked off his bike, and competing for scores.

…Joe Danger on a TV is…totally where he should be…

Because that’s videogames, right? Playing the original Mario Kart, passing the pad around to try Labyrinth Zone on Sonic, all sharing the game together.

I’m getting misty eyed! We hope you really enjoy Joe Danger! And let us know what you think! We’d love it if you tweeted at us at @hellogames, or liked us on Facebook!

Oh, and before we go, we thought we’d put together our top list of games on OUYA. Here we go!

  1. Towerfall Ascension We have genuinely nearly come to blows over this amazing multiplayer game!
  3. Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath We loved it when it originally came out on Xbox, and turns out we still love it!
  4. Inferno 2 Really neat, clever, arcade blaster!
  5. The Cave A big, beautiful adventure by the creator of Monkey Island? OK THEN.
  6. Another World This game has been so inspirational for us. Immerse yourself!
  7. Sonic CD C’mon, it’s Sonic!
  8. R-Type II Some of us were REALLY GOOD at R-Type. Consider that a challenge.
  9. Ittle Dew Lovely RPG-ish action game, and funny, too!
  10. Amazing Frog? The Swindon Space Program Because who doesn’t want to play a frog physics game set in an obscure British town?


Alex Wiltshire, Hello Games

Special Guest Developer

Special Guest Developer

Bringing especially awesome games to OUYA

  • http://www.gunsofthehelghast.com Carlos Ortiz

    Hello Games is on Ouya now, cool. :)

  • José Inestroza

    Dear HelloGames, Joe Danger on Ouya doesn’t work at all. It get stuck in the title screen asking the user to press the O button, but I’ve pressed it like a hundred times with both a PS3 controller and an Ouya controller. It didn’t work.
    I bought the game yesterday and I really wanted to try it.
    If the game will never work I’d like a refund.
    Please your help to fix this issue because I’m trying to give the Ouya a try but this kind of issues chases away the users.
    Please, your help again.

    • Suzy Wallace

      Hi! Sorry to hear you’re having problems! Please send an email to support@hellogames.co.uk with information about your issue and your details on it. Thanks!

  • tozeleal

    Can you guys bring No Mans sky? xDDDD

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    Hello, oh we’re on 2018

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    Ouya still a thing today?

  • Reaper1219

    man this post aged even worse than the others lmao

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    Hi, everyone has issues but i did not have any issue.