During its 10-day (okay, 12-day) span, we discovered something special about the #mouyagame Dev Console Giveaway.

We realized #myouyagame was more than just a contest. It was an experiment in discovery, an exploration into future OUYA gamers’ interests, and a means of connecting OUYA Actual to the vibrant swell of indie-developers at its base.

Each of the 13 developers we chose during the #myouyagame Dev Console Giveaway wowed us for different reasons. Let’s dive in and explore just what those reasons are:


Day 1 – Fist of Awesome

We chose Fist of Awesome because we believe in the resurgence of the 8-bit genre – so much so that we made it our first pick. The UK’s I Fight Bears was at the tail end of their Kickstarter campaign when they entered the contest — bootstrapping, just the way we like it.


Day 2 – MechKnight Chronicles

Dinosar Games‘ mech beat-em-up is a jump to the other end of the graphical spectrum. It’s evident that Jesse and the rest of the team in Austin, Texas really love what they do.


Day 3 – Syder Arcade

When StudioEvil of Italy tweeted about their space shooter, Syder Arcade, we tried their playable demo, and we fell in love. This is a beautiful game. Try it out — you’ll see why we can’t wait to play it on OUYA.


Day 4 – Kid Electro

New Mexico’s Sean McCracken is building a fast-paced jetpack nu-sport adventure, and Kid Electro’s got what we want: innovation, attitude and an explorative use of 3D – keep grinding, Sean.


Day 5 – Space Runner

We first noticed Hypercane Studios when they shared a special rail-runner level that spelled out O-U-Y-A. The team out of Washington State built the level using an in-game level editor then spent several hours attempting to beat it.


Day 6 – Legend of Dungeon

Robot Loves Kitty is a modest-sized team out of New York State with a big game called Legend of Dungeon. Fueled by Kickstarter, this multiplayer dungeon-crawling adventure epic is perfect for the TV and a great fit for OUYA. We’re looking forward to a living room full of friends, OUYA controllers and spooky dungeon exploration.


Day 7 – iMech Online

Mobula Games scratched our nerdy mech itch early on. We were searching for a good use of 3D – what we found was a multiplayer robot blast-em-up battle arena from this team in Cupertino, Calif.


Day 8 – Dusty Revenge

PD Design Studio’s Dusty Revenge features a blend of gritty comic-style art and frantic platformer action. The team in Singapore will create a special OUYA-edition game featuring characters from the DR universe.


Day 9 – Journey to Hell

Dogbox Studio’s Journey to Hell is another great example of the use of 3D – we’re encouraging this French team to push our processor to the limits. For a game that’s still in production, Journey to Hell already blows us away!


Day 10 – Starbound

We’ve been following Chucklefish’s progress on Starbound for quite some time. Starbound is an ambitious endeavor into procedurally generated space exploration, and we were psyched that the team in the UK entered the #myouyagame competition.


Bonus #11 – Cloudbase Prime

We first came across Tyrus Peace’s work through a one-week game-design challenge he took on (and demolished) via reddit. This Arizona dev’s latest project is Cloudbase Prime, which showcases Peace’s 3D-design acumen as well as his healthy sense of humor.


Bonus #12 – A Tofu Tail

Pennsylvania’s Alchemedium are building one of the puzzlers we’ve been looking for. When simple mechanics meet with auspicious art, something beautiful can happen. We believe A Tofu Tail is that something.


Bonus #13 – Festival of Magic

Snow Castle Games’ Festival of Magic is an exciting twist in the RPG genre. The development team in Norway is blending turn-based fighting, beautiful 3D art, and a fun farming theme into a new and exciting adventure.


There you have it! We’ve joined forces with 13 developer teams across the world — from the UK to France, then back to the U.S. and off again to Norway and Singapore. We were blown away by the massive response we received during the contest – from teams with full-fledged games, to single and dual-team developer groups in their pre-alpha stages.

We can’t wait to see what games and ideas emerge in the coming months. :)

The OUYA Team

  • http://superouya.de Daniel Baer

    Great, especially looking forward to Legend of Dungeon and Cloudbase Prime!

    Did a wrap up myself some days ago, if you want to read it in German, just have a look here http://superouya.de/games/uebersicht-gewinner-der-ouya-dev-console/ and here http://superouya.de/games/drei-weitere-myouyagame-gewinner-bekannt-gegeben/

    Nice gesture by the team to give away dev consoles. :)

  • http://OUYAForum.com OUYA Forum

    We have added these to our list of over 105 games that have been confirmed to be coming to OUYA by the game developers. Complete list at:

  • Jai Shayla

    These all look like great picks. I’m a bit of a Mech-head, so I’m glad to hear I’ve got giant robots in my future!

  • Joshua Lee

    I will like to get a Ouya soon because im going to get to work making a avi port to add to it (if that works out) and make some new android os’s for it as well. somthing like this would give me something to do.

  • Simon Schubert

    I will port my game Orc Genocide to the OUYA but I guess I am too late and have to wait until june. Am I right?

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