Sup Internet,

A quick and dirty visit from yours truly via the YouToobz has me singing praise for three awesome new titles on OUYA!


Firstly: Ittle Dew by Ludosity, climbed the ladder to our hearts (and pecuniary gain) by making a serious impact on the OUYA DISCOVER storefront as of late. The fast puzzles, silly dialogue and charming art style are worth one’s perusal and, I would argue, the modest price of admission.

Nextly: a brief playthrough of Nimble Quest by Nimblebit. This mashup of classic serpent-style gameplay (am I allowed to say what it really reminds us all of? I’ll just play it safe and call it “serpent-style”) mixed with unique character balancing of ranged and melee attacks speaks to that timeless, strength-in-numbers truism that made joining a gang seem like a smart idea.

Lastly but not leastly: Sky Arena! I had to show it to you all sooner or later. I’ve been following this one since its humble beginnings as a CREATE grand-prize winner. The gang at Hammer Labs are onto something — the retro-futuro aesthetic flashes us back to the 90’s era of SUPER-FX MICRO CHIPS, barrel rolls and anthropomorphized wingmen (wingpersons).

Until next time, Internet.

OUYA Games Guy

P.S. — Check out the PLAY LIKE BAWB channel featured in the DISCOVER storefront. This is where you can see the obscure, and oft-awesome games and apps I’m playing this week. Check out the Karaoke app, FourKaraoke. It’s literally a karaoke app — like, you could go to a bar and be a karaoke professional in a matter of minutes.

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