Hey OUYAns. I’m back again, and I brought my pal Eddie to talk engineering for OUYA.

Eddie’s currently streamlining the content-presentation process for us peeps on the content team. He developed a tool (for us non-engineer types) to make discovery more simplified. Now even more cool games will beam straight into your eyeballs with greater ease. His efforts are commendable.

Get the full scoop and play some games with us here:

Good times.

In the video we look at Wraithborne by Alpha Dog Games — they built in special, OUYA-exclusive leveling functionality that you can only experience on the OUYA so give it a whack of the mighty hammer and see where it takes you.

Next, wriggle your way above and beneath the Earth’s crust in one or BOTH of our OMFG-GIANT-WORM-themed games, Super Mega Worm and Hellworm.

Lastly, finish of your wormy good times with a visit to Nyan Cat’s majestic galaxy and Box Cat’s chaotic intersection. Meow. :3

Bring the noise.
Until next time, Internet.

Bob Mills
OUYA Games Guy



The Games Guy

  • Chris Bowman

    Love the cat titles! Tried Nyan Cat and liked it. Wraitborne though is awesome. Fav game to date! Keep up the good work!

  • Scott

    Who gives a damn, the latest update froze my Ouya

  • Mike

    Oh man! I’m having Tremors flashbacks! Can you fly?! Can you fly?! Oh yes I can!! lol.