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BAWB here — your OUYA games guy.

When I’m not talking to devs about their cool projects, I enjoy soaking up some of the awesome content available on OUYA and making semi-awkward video diaries in the process. As a few of you may already know, I’ve been cataloguing these adventures in a semi-regular YouTube series, humbly entitled: “BAWB the Games Guy.”

You may have seen a couple of these behind-the-scene glimpses into the OUYA-verse already. In them, I feature a few games and talk to members of Team OUYA about what it is they actually do here. I aim to continue doing this, so I’d love any and all of your input. In particular, what questions you might have about OUYA’s inner sanctum. Please leave any questions about our inner workings below–from server functionality, to discoverability, to favorite games, to favorite team beverages; whatever you think engineers, developers, QA peeps and gamer nerds might know–and I’ll do my best to get to the bottom of things.

I’ll answer what I can in upcoming episodes, and–until then–I invite you to join us again as we read some fan comments, gab a bit with Stan and–as always–PLAY SOME VIDYA GAMES.

Check out the latest episode of BAWB the Games Guy (above) where we turn up the wubz to 11 with Dub Wars, travel to the darkest reaches of the murkiest depths in Deep Dungeons of Doom, gather up the family in a special Mother’s Day bonus sneak peak at Save the Puppies, and I’m pretty sure Stan threatens to beat me up.

Until next time, Internet.

BAWB Mills

OUYA Games Guy



The Games Guy

  • Octavian

    Hello Bawb,

    Nice games and reviews, you should try also Pix’n Love Rush, i believe this is one of the best OUYA games, not only because is ours :)
    Take a look and convince yourself :)

    Best regards from AMA

  • http://www.intiva.ws Nicolas Castez

    Great Games and review!
    You may also check our indie Space Hamster game ;)
    It would be an honor to play it in our OUYA


    Regards from Argentine INTiVA Team

  • Gerardo

    There should be a schedule for posting on the Ouya blog. Like a post every monday and tuesday or post every other thursday. Not those exact dates but just to get the picture. Or easier, have us make an account on ouya.tv not just for purchasing and commenting but other things to. Those are my suggestions.

  • mikep

    Thanks for the comments!


    Thanks for the recommendation, we are definitely looking to put together a calendar.

    Mike P.
    OUYA Social

  • Karl

    Outa should set up an online petition asking game developers to re-release all games that are more than five years old for the Ouya, not only is the Ouya great for Indie developers, but it would be awesome as a legacy game console as well.

    • Karl

      Sorry I meant to say ouya

  • James P

    Good stuff. Will enjoy trying these. Thanks for the update.

  • Jesse

    What do you think about these games?


    It would be nice to get a second opinion on which games will be most popular when the OUYA comes out.

  • http://www.gta5cheats.com GTA5Cheats

    Hey BAWB, are we ever gonna see game like GTA 5 on the Ouya?