Hello again, Internet!

Bob here. Back again, and I have a special video to share with you all this week. I got a few members of the team together (@BStroop, @JonAbrams, @AlSutton and @OUYANick to be specific) to play Hidden in Plain Sight by Adam Spragg. HIPS is a couch-based sneaking game where friends become ninjas and, subsequently, enemies. Check it out!

After that, I play a little Beast Boxing Turbo, by Good Hustle Studios — BBT is a first-person boxing (FPB??) game where you play a young female protagonist, dressed up and undercover as a monster. Why the garb? Because humans aren’t allowed in the monster-boxing leagues, silly. This character’s got a little something I like to call ‘grit’ and you’ll have some too if you listen to your pig-faced boxing coach, level up, upgrade your gear all in the pursuit of monster-boxing glory.


So check these two games out. They’re both in DISCOVER right now!

Until next time, Internet.





The Games Guy

  • Chris Butler

    I was looking at the setup, and I Really want to develop for this. Given Ouya is an Android based game system, is it only though the ODK that its capable of being built, or can you use things like Unity or other, less malleable programs? As an example I have, in production, a Metroidvania style side scroller, and I would really like to put it on the Ouya, but I obviously don’t want to code it twice. Also is there a prefered IDE, such as Eclipse of Visual Studio, that works best for this?