This week’s episode helps us realize a few things:

  1. TowerFall is fun.
  2. Jon is good at talkin’ smack.
  3. When it comes to Amazing Frog, I holdz it down.

We started taping a four-player sesh of Matt Thorson’s masterpiece, and we quickly realized we were evenly split in terms of country of origin. Needless to say, things got really nationalistic really fast.

Check it:

And people say Canadians are friendly. :P

After the dust settled, I took a look at The Amazing Frog? by my friends at Fayju in the UK. I love this game. It fires on all my weirdo cylinders, and so, I am a fan. My six-year-old niece loves it too (she is also a weirdo).

Gaz and Hal are onto something simple and amazing (for lack of a better word) — stay tuned for even more froggy fun — they have a new update coming up (devs have always been able to iterate on their OUYA games for free), and in this build you can expect more fun objects to smash into.

Until next time, Internet.

Bob Mills
OUYA Games Dude



The Games Guy

  • Steve

    Loving my Ouya. Thanks!

  • kathy

    I love Amazing Frog it makes me laugh every time I play it. I can not wait for the update. It will be Amazing :-)

  • James P

    For International orders that cant get the tracking numbers to work.


    Mine works here but NOT at original link supplied by Ouya.

    Hope this helps.

  • http://N/A Brendan Conder

    As a Developer, reading through your blog it worries me that so many people are being wronged. I myself have waited 2 1/2 weeks for my support ticket to be solved.

    Not even a response, and i did have to “Bump” it too.

    I will not be bringing Optimizing or bringing my game to Ouya unless I see more positive reviews from this blog post, onward.

    — Brendan Conder
    Demonics Breedables CEO / Founder

  • Baby Game

    That Tower Fall looks rather vintage!