Hey Folks,

Today you’ll be receiving our next OUYA update – so I wanted to take the time to talk about the update and how it ties into our broader goals to grow our great community and better support current/aspiring developers.

You’ll find a detailed rundown of all the new features at the bottom of this post – but first I wanted to briefly talk about our new “Developing Developers” initiative. Kellee will have her own blog post to go through all the details, so consider this a teaser.

After you run the new update, be sure to visit the MAKE section of OUYA. You’ll notice some cool, new stuff!


This is our first step in “Developing Developers”. The goal is to make game development on OUYA as easy as possible for existing developers and  to provide educational materials to those that want to learn how to create games.

To that end, when you go into MAKE you’ll see our first two tutorial videos, as well as AIDE – an app that will help you learn and improve your coding skills, right on your OUYA. You can push AIDE to your console here. We’ve added a few basic features to video playback (pause, scrubbing, a progress bar) to make following along with the tutorials a bit easier. We’ve also added a tool to make sideloading apks easier. You’ll find that in the new UPLOAD section of MAKE.


Happy gaming! Happy creating!


Here’s the detailed rundown of the new features:

  • Want to learn more about making a game? Check out the new TUTORIALS section under the MAKE category.

    • You’ll find an intro video to show you how easy it is to set up Unity and get a game onto the OUYA Store. Make sure you follow along with the online instructions too! This is the first in a series of videos we’ll be putting together for beginning developers.

    • You’ll also see a beta for AIDE – a program that will teach you the basics of coding and game development. It works with the controller, or hook up a mouse and keyboard for the optimal experience. Check out http://www.android-ide.com/ for more info. Or push it to your OUYA here: https://www.ouya.tv/game/AIDE-for-OUYA/

  • Want a better way to sideload apks? Go look at the new UPLOAD functionality in MAKE.

    • This allows you to upload an apk to your OUYA directly from any computer on your network – no cables or ADB required. Simply get the URL from the UPLOAD section, go to that URL in a web browser, and upload the apk. It’s kinda like magic.

  • Added an easier way to upload logs for troubleshooting. While this isn’t super exciting to an everyday user, it will help us troubleshoot and figure out fixes – which leads to a better product for everyone.

  • Added more robust control for videos on details pages.

    • The Y button will pause.

    • Left and Right on the dpad or analog stick will scrub forward and back while the video is fullscreen.

    • Added a simple progress bar.

  • Minor bug fixes, as usual.

Additionally, if you weren’t already aware, we’re very excited to point out that OUYA is available on the Mad Catz M.O.J.O.! You’ll see us pop up on more devices in the future as we work to get the great games on OUYA out to a wider audience.




Producer Dude

  • Mobile_Dom

    would making the Ouya App on the Mojo be able to go fullscreen and hide the statusbar and navbar, having these fullscreen games blocked by that look really, well bad :/

    i dont know if thats a You guys thing or a Madcatz thing, but stilli thought i’d ask

    • James

      Thanks for the bug report! We’ve actually put a fix in the new ODK that should resolve this. Developers will have to recompile with the new ODK – but once they do the issue will be resolved.

  • Rick Tapia


  • Bruno Sena


  • RandomDev

    What are the chances of getting C# support for on Ouya development?
    Great update BTW :)

    • GITNE

      In fact, you can! Just head over to https://xamarin.com and develop for
      Android. And, even Unity 3D scripting builds on Mono for .net (C#)
      So, no excuses left, start developing! ;-)

  • pandronic

    Any love for the web browser?

  • Richard Matthews

    I have been sitting back for months watching the progress of OUYA. I am a old timer in my fifties am all for what OUYA stands for. But, I as a player need a motive to add a OUYA to my system? It seems to me there needs to be a good platform to intise US the average player to your community give me that reason to shelf my PS system or Fire TV for OUYA. After all you need us the players to give that all important reason for these developers to continue to grow?

    When I go to the OUYA homepage I am hard pressed to even find examples of your interface? What functions are available for people who also like to stream Movies, TV shows, etc as well? I know if I want this get a ROKU right? I would love to see a streaming device that would support external drives, the ability to stream from local NAS based devices. Support for external Blue Ray Drives in other words a kick butt media source as well? We as gamers often tend to have dual interest or more!! If I am interested in these additional features am I wasting my time looking at OUYA or will I become a senior citizen member of your community? Not asking for much just remember the player base?

  • Timmy King

    I’ve been having issues with updating. Its constantly downloading, updating, then restarting. How big is the download? Do I have enough free space on my ouya?