To give you a hint of the fun to come, we cooked up a short video for you. Enjoy:

…and for you hardest of the hardcore gamers, don’t get hung up on the word “cute”.

This big-eyed, block-moving robot has legs and knows how to use them. What?

No, seriously, the team at Golden Tricycle has devotedly crafted CLARK to puzzler perfection over the span of almost two years. I met these German devs on my trip to GDCE/Gamescom, and I can tell you, without a doubt, they’ve poured their all into this game.

CLARK is a brilliant, block-moving masterpiece of a puzzler that’s packed full of quality levels that get more and more challenging as you advance. Without giving too much away, you play CLARK — a good natured, working-class robot with a complicated love life and an unexpected barrage of obstacles.

I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with the Golden Tricycle team, and I’m über-excited that you all get to play the game very soon.

Until next time, Internet.

Bob (BAWB) Mills
OUYA Games Guy



The Games Guy

  • Jordan

    This looks awesome, Ouya seems to be the only place fun games are being pushed… #Ouya #gameon

  • bvsdbvsv

    You guys need to do a deal with Rockstar or something to get GTA 3, Vice City and a few other of their titles brought to ouya.

    It would be epic if you could get Bully from PS2 ported to Ouya exclusively. (Meaning, it would be android only on ouya). :)

  • Alessandro Saiko

    You already reported something about CLARK earlier on. I totally love the WallE-esque theme and the puzzle gameplay plus it is from devs from my country :)
    Can’t wait to get my hands on CLARK!

  • Gale Wind

    This game is fantastic and is worth every bit of money I threw at it.