Unity has been with OUYA since we got started. So it’s only fitting that an OUYA premier gaming partner would also be the premier engine for CREATE – Kill Screen and OUYA’s 10-day game jam.

To celebrate this match made in gaming heaven, in conjunction with today’s official kickoff of CREATE, we’re announcing a new and exciting award category: “Best Game Created Using the Unity Engine”!

The winner of this new Unity-sponsored award will not only bathe in the glory of gaming-engine greatness, but he or she will also win a Unity Pro License and $2,500 cash! We encourage winners to spend the money toward completion of an awesome OUYA game, but we won’t blame you if you use a bit of it to celebrate!

On top of these cool prizes, our friends at Unity have made the deal even sweeter! They’re providing CREATE participants with extended Unity Pro trial licenses that allow access to all Unity Pro+Android, Pro+iOS, and Pro+Team Server features. If you want it, you got it. Just email create[at]killscreendaily[dot]com for a Unity Pro access code.

Yep, you read that right! We’re giving you the power to make the game of your dreams. You just have to do it in 10 days! So get going, build us a new game, explore Unity Pro and submit your creation to CREATE!

The OUYA Team

  • Nathan

    nice. one can make fantastic games with unity 3d with no programming skills necessary.
    a 10 day jam competition just got easier :)

  • Pedro


  • Pedro

    And I have access to Unity Pro 3D it’s very nice!! :D

  • http://www.nightlightinteractive.com David Logan

    This is very exciting news! My team will be making good use of the Unity Pro license.

  • Blake Hulbert

    Please someone make a Star Trek game, PLEASE!

    • http://yunoplay.com Lalo

      Don’t you need like the rights or something?

      • kwratster

        umm id becareful if i were you….

      • kwratster

        not you sorry..

        • kwratster

          be careful with that thinking..

    • Blake Hulbert

      As long as you don’t profit off of it in any way then you don’t need the rights.

      • Jason

        Why would someone want to create a game and not profit?

      • http://Thefourtharrow.com Joe

        it depends what you mean by profit because if you define profit as anything you can get from making such a game (like recognition for being an awesome programmer) it could still be considered a profit because people might search for your other games and pay for them because they knew that that one was great and that you are a great programmer… So you could make an indirect profit from it even if you don’t intend to.

      • rickosh

        You need to have the rights, even without profit.

  • http://superouya.de Daniel Baer

    There are some really great unity games out there, so I’m looking forward to this contest. It has the potential for some super stuff.

    Really excited to see first results. And we just have to wait for 10 days, that’s the best part!

    • Nathan

      oh yea. and most of the in browser games you find with Unity plugin are very good and they don’t have UnityPro so that just makes things better for the competition.

  • Ben

    I don’t know a small part of me is sceptical of why kickstarter was used if money is now being given away in competitions?

    • TheBig1

      Because a gaming console without games is rather useless. Using some of the money (and it is a rather small portion of the money) to indirectly create games for the system and get people interested in and familiar with developing for the platform seems like a worthy use of my money (yes, I’m a backer too).

  • Santiago

    You’re awesome!!! You’re gonna bit sony and microsfot!!! (well, nintendo is more cheap) Games free, free to hackers, small design, HDMI with android….

    WELL DONE ;)

  • bassrockers

    Hey what about a buy pre-order. I cant pay via PayPal still have error :-/

  • Tyler

    I understand if it may be too late, but can the deadline be pushed back to sync up with the Global Game Jam? It would be wonderful if we could submit our GGJ games to the Create competition as well.

  • coolProProProPRogramer

    LOL ! wtf why do i need stupid 10 day trial when i have a ckraked version of unity 4

  • suicidal_banana

    Shi-, wish they would email us backers these kind of things, only see this now, and now i got only 2 days left. (wich sucks because i was actually working on a Unity game for OUYA)

    Guess ill try to cram in some simple game :P

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  • Justin White

    As an indie game developer – I’m really excited about this system and the way indie game is trending. All the ‘big name’ corporations that ‘support’ indie games have too many hoops to jump through to make things work.

    Unity is fast and easy to use. Hell, I was excited enough when I found out that Ouya was android-based, but to find out it supports Unity was just fan-freaking-tastic!