Not much longer to wait for your OUYA… and everything’s looking good. At OUYA HQ we’re starting to see games, games, games.

We shipped our developer consoles on time, so developers could get developing — and our software package to make games has already been downloaded by developers 22,000 times.

A couple weeks ago, with our friends at Kill Screen, we launched a 10-day “game jam” called CREATE that challenged teams to make game prototypes for OUYA. We’re writing to all of you today so we can share the 166 entries. You can check them all out here.

If you find one you like, let your friends know. Sharing your favorites will help developers win recognition, prizes, and get them one step closer to completing their OUYA game.

We’ve selected a crack team of industry pros to pick the winners, like Phil Fish of Fez, Felicia Day of The Guild, and more. They’ll choose from a variety of compelling game prototypes. We’re seeing dungeon crawlers, action RPGs, brawlers, 4-player shooters, TCGs, platformers, word games, puzzlers and some other cool stuff ya just can’t put in a category.

Dev teams hail from all over the world – from France to Canada, Germany to New Zealand, U.S.A. to South Africa and more! Whoa. We will announce winners in a couple of weeks.

If this is what OUYA developers can do in 10 days, imagine what they can do once OUYA is out in the wild…

Taking it one day at a time,

Oh, and P.S. If you didn’t already hear, we’ve improved our controller based on feedback from OUYA developers. Thanks to these brave warriors, OUYA keeps getting better.



The Head Honcho

  • Blake Hulbert

    Those are some impressive looking games! I can’t wait to get mine in April, I hope mine comes in April.

  • Alexandre

    Great games! mind testing Minecraft pocket edition?

  • henrique

    accelerometer to control the car and shooting games
    is something cheap

    tb and put the game Doom 3
    it is open source

    • ManlyStump

      henrique: The Doom 3 engine is open source, but you can’t release the game assets without id’s permission.

  • Kilgary

    The only Ouya-centric indie game I’ve seen that has impressed at all is the Beast Boxing game. Is there a way to sort through and see the cream of this crop? I hope you guys are on the hot-line to Gameloft. Their brand of near-console quality rip off titles are actually really fun to play and would be a blast to have on a big screen. I’ve enjoyed playing Gameloft titles on my iDevices for years and they seem to have at least one title for every imaginable game genre. Would be great to see their titles in the Ouya library from day 1.

    • Clayton Grey

      They should be announcing finalists on the 11th, so that should provide you with some “cream”.

  • pixelrat

    160+ games in 10 days, and the vast majority of them – inutile smartphone casual games. “Excellent” beginning.
    But I don’t give up hope.

    • Clayton Grey

      Our entry, Television, strives to avoid that trap, you know… if you like “weird”.

  • Leonardo Delarue

    Great games!!!! I love the Project Guardian. I think that in the end we all will be the winners!!
    Good luck to all!!

  • Bruno Ferreira de Albuquerque

    hi am from Brazil and wanted to know when Ouya will be released here in Brazil?
    good luck Ouya surely will be a success!

  • The Doctor

    I’ve seen two or three potentially interesting games, but their YouTube movies showed nothing remotely finished.

    One had a 4 player game where each player controls a limb of a megarobot, which seemed quite the challenge to do well, but at the very least seemed like something new.

    That’s basically the only one I can still remember, 4 days after watching an odd 50 of the entrants.

    I also remember having seen one racing game with some promise, since they had it working and with decent graphics, in just ten days.

    For the most part, I am greatly disappointed at seeing so many clones and ripoffs of existing phone casual games.

    This is a console, not a tablet or phone. I’m sure the tegra3 is capable of something more impressive, since I’ve seen better on my Transformer.

    Maybe it’s also a nice plan to have the controllers available for sale seperately, since I could just install an OUYA ROM on my Transformer Pad and play on that… Bluetooth to the controller and be done. Mobile console gaming with a decent controller, imagine the looks of people on a plane or train :)

  • Clockwerks77

    You guys are awesome! Can’t wait to receive my pre-order Ouya! I hope this smashes console gaming norms in the face! :)

  • Jody Weissler

    Since the machine is shipping very soon (or is already shipping) is there a list anywhere of the games what are already available? I read about a few partners, but would like to have a list of the “for sure” already build and tested games.


  • strider_mt2k

    I’m totally stoked to get my Ouya!

    You guys rock!

  • Blake Hulbert

    Great job for getting featured on Amazon’s front page! I’m happy to see Ouya getting a bigger audience.

  • Ouya_Fan334

    I have to admit I’m a little worried about the titles to come out for this console. It doesn’t seem like a lot of them have any type of online multi-player but hopefully those will come. I’m not trying to give you guys the thumbs down because I love the concept and am behind you 110% but I’m a little worried

  • Farmer

    it looks as if you have changed the look of the OUYA and its controller,after the first pre-order wave for april was closed. so i wonder, wether the earlier pre-orderer get the “older” model with the aluminim looking material, or if everybody gets the more black looking OUYA. If the early pre-orderers are getting the aluminium looking Version, then my question is, wether the controller are the same (of course except for the case material) as the dev`s or are they already the “improved” ones? btw thanks for doing what you all do! i hope this product will somewhen chance the whole understatemand of gaming and everything that comes with it! Regards!

  • T3KN0GH057

    I just had another question come to mind.

    I don’t own a 1080p TV (think that kind of resolution is ridiculously unneccessary) all my TVs max out at 720 (one will do 1080i at most and the others i have no idea if they support 1080i but they definitely don’t support 1080p), will this system only work in 1080p? if it does support 720p, will it default to 1080p or 720p… if it defaults to 1080p then i’ll have to take it to another TV to configure it, but i don’t have one.

  • Romesh Abeyawardena

    Has the estimated delivery time jumped from April to June, or is that just for new pre-orders?

    I’m glad I backed this game console and can’t wait for mine to arrive!

  • loso check out this blog feedback

  • freedom810

    Its awesome to see developers supporting the platform, I look forward to launch!

  • Draw11

    Hope it has full android support. I would hate to see my favorite games not functioning. Either way ill port it anyway i love to mess with android dev kit.

  • Bryan

    mmm this looks really good just read up on a page for the ps4 and end up here looks alot better and a lot cheaper. i will get the money just to buy this. who could beat a gaming system that 99 and allready has over 100 games. the game better be cheaper the whats out there right now. dont like pay 60 for a game. that is for one that we have to pay for.

  • OUYA

    Aller Gewinner gibt es natürlich bei uns:

    See the winners of the contest (German only):

  • Alice

    Exciting!! You have some great devs lined up– looking forward to their prototypes!