The monsters are smashed, the loot has been lifted, and now you have uncovered the last of Wraithborne’s secrets… Alpha Dog’s Co-Founder/Design Director Nick Riley shares his history of professional journalism, photography, music, and essentially how he’s a modern day Renaissance man. Plus, find out what the team is dreaming up next for the world of Wraithborne.

Here are 10 fun facts you probably didn’t know about Alpha Dog’s Nick Riley!

What Got You Into Photography?
I got into it as part of my training to be a journalist back when people still read newspapers! Now I feel old, but it was a lot of fun learning about taking a good picture, using light and shadow and I loved black-and-white photos.

D&D Or Other Tabletop RPG Player?
I still play D&D, along with other pen-and-paper RPGs and am an avid tabletop wargamer as well. You might say I’m a multi-faceted nerd.

First Computer?
Commodore VIC-20 with a data cassette drive. I learned to program BASIC just so I could play games on it, it was pretty much a life-changing experience using a computer for the first time with my Dad.

Pie vs Cake?
Pie, hands down. But it’s hard to dismiss cake, which is very tasty.

Longest Gaming Session?
I honestly can’t remember how long I played through, but it was about 10 hours of Metal Gear Solid before I realized It was morning and I had to go to work! There was a marathon RPG session once of a game called Rifts that we must have been playing for 16 hours before we all fell asleep, some of us still in the chairs we were gaming on.

Favorite Story Covered As A Journalist?
It definitely wasn’t my favourite story from a career point of view, but one of my funniest moments was interviewing a girl who had found a missing Pygmy goat in a small town near Vancouver, B.C. and trying to fend off the various friendly farm animals long enough to talk with her and take a few photos! The horse kept trying to chew on my hair, or investigate my camera. Looking back that must have been hilarious to watch.

Best Summer Vacation?
My wife and I went to France several years ago, and it was amazing! We are both history buffs, and seeing it all up close was definitely a standout moment in my life. One of the most humbling experiences I’ve ever had came during that trip, walking on the sands of Juno beach where some of my relatives fought during World War 2 and putting myself in their shoes for just a moment.

Secret Talents?
What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets… In my case, I’ve played the violin, clarinet and classical guitar.

What Genre Alpha Dog Would Like To Tackle Next?
Alpha Dog has been dreaming up a new title in the Wraithborne world, and while absolutely nothing has been confirmed yet we would love to explore the turn-based strategy genre!

Biggest Lesson Learned Starting A Studio?
Don’t underestimate how hard it truly is to make your own game with just a few people. Each of the Alpha Dogs has been in the games industry for 10+ years and we were still shocked by how much there was to learn, and how much there was to do.

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