In an ever-advancing march toward becoming the most open and accessible console in the UNIVERSE, we continue to hangout LIVE on the Internet (of all places). So far we haven’t been epically trolled — aaaaaaand I’ll probably regret typing this.

Check out the OUYA DEV SUPPORT OFFICE HOURS from today:

We hangout live from our Google+ page every Monday at 11:30 a.m. PST!

Come chill, ask OUYA questions, talk about games and jelly beans and have fun with us.


(4:10) — Derp w/ Doherty (A weekly DEV tip from Alex Doherty)

(15:15) — Sales actually work… :P

(19:00) — What games are you playing this week?

(28:30) — Social, betas and platform roadmap questions

(37:45) — More questions about social

(50:57) — What’s the optimal hardware/software to test your game if you don’t have an OUYA?

(51:48) — Are you going to make a new OUYA like the Tegra K-1?

(52:36) — What are you playing Tim?

(55:05) — Flappy talk

(60:10) — Should I buy an OUYA right now?



The Games Guy

  • bluecrew

    Why dont you create a desktop, were we can download apps from google play. I would like to use the Ouya as my smart tv console. LIke a tablet hooked up to my tv. Is that possible?

  • Polymorphic Ninja

    Have the office hours stopped? Or are you just not recording them anymore?

  • Nelson Ferreira

    i watched the tutorial on how to make a game in 20 minutes. I noticed you were downloading all the sdk files from windows. Is there any way of downloading all that stuff on a mac. I don’t have a windows computer.