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Develop OUYA


Join the 40,000+ people who have downloaded the OUYA Developer Kit. It's so easy even an 8 year old could do it. No really! An 8 year old really did make a game for OUYA and it's called Astronaut Rescue. Additionally, we have AIDE for OUYA, an integrated developer environment that provides interactive coding lessons and step-by-step directions to bring your game to the OUYA. There is even a video that will teach you how to get up and running and build your own game in 20 minutes!

Why develop for OUYA you ask?  Here are 5 reasons from some of our creators:

  • Nicoll Hunt, Fist of Awesome

    "OUYA is a company that's not afraid to take chances….on the console itself, on the content, on indie developers, and most importantly, on me."

  • Gaz Bushell, Amazing Frog

    "Deployment should be a simple process so you can focus on making awesome games and it is."

  • Matt Gilgenbach, Neverending Nightmares

    "OUYA is the easiest console to develop for by far!  There are no crazy technical requirements or exotic development kits."

  • Josh Larson, That Dragon, Cancer

    "Two words that some developers spend their whole career searching for: Creative Freedom!"

  • Eric Froemling, BombSquad

    "OUYA has been a great ‘incubator’ platform for BombSquad; the platform uniformity and quick update turnaround makes it safe to explore ideas and evolve a game over time based on user feedback, which is how I like to work."

Get everything you need to start developing on OUYA