Sorry for the delay but as you may imagine, we have a lot of Developers who were interested in presenting this year at #OUYAPark

We are planning to have 5 stations open @OUYAPark beginning tomorrow at 11:00.

*times and availability subject to change


As always, our team will be actively updating everyone throughout the week (TwitterFacebookYouTube, etc.), but be sure to SHARE with us what’s got YOU excited at this year’s show — #playOUYA, #OUYAPark.  We’ll be picking out a few of our favorite posts throughout the week and winners will receive some badass schwag bags which include OUYA t-shirts and koozies — yep, they’re as money as they sound.

Also, please check out our previous post to preview the “lay of the land” before you join us!

We look forward to seeing you at #OUYAPark! See you soon!

Mike P

The OUYA Team

  • skoggy

    Sounds really cool, shame I couldn’t be there, living in Sweden and all. Have fun! :)

  • Søren Bo

    Are we gonna see a live-stream fom Ouya at E3?

  • Thera78

    “We are planning to have 5 stations open @OUYAPark beginning tomorrow at 11:00.”

    Did you mean to type “today” 6/11 instead of tomorrow?

  • Izzy

    just add STEAM already! it has fullscreen support!

  • Xofdaor

    Shame that I haven’t received my OUYA yet…. :( international + 1 controller…

  • CadmiumRED

    No tracking number yet on my unit either after being told my OUYA was on the way.. this is getting irritating.

  • http://lu Lucien

    great opportunity to play;