Your ears might still be ringing from your last explosive round of BombSquad, so maybe it’s time to take a  break and get to know the multi-talented visual effects artist/game designer behind the mayhem. Plus learn about a new customization coming soon to OUYA’s version of BombSquad.

Here are 10 fun facts you probably didn’t know about Eric Froemling!

Film That Got Him Into Visual Effects
Watching Jurassic Park as a starry-eyed 12-year-old. I spent the following year trying to build dinosaurs out of rubber and latex and figuring out how to make stop-motion animations of them attacking my G.I. Joes.

First Attempt At Game Creation In High School
There were of course the simple text based games that I think everyone writes while learning to code (‘Type “1” to be a fighter; Type “2” to be a mage;’), but my first attempt at something graphical was a Scorched-Earth/Worms style artillery game. I had grandiose plans for it, but it never got farther than a blank white window with a black box bouncing around it in parabolic trajectories. Gotta start somewhere I guess.

Go To Karaoke Song
My brother and I performed an epic “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away” by the Beatles last time he was in town. That might be my go-to now.

Pie vs Cake
Pie. Pumpkin or Banana Cream FTW

First Computer
My family got a Power Mac 7100 when I was in high school; (oh glorious 8 megs of ram and 80mhz of pure speed). I incorrectly assumed it’d be only a week or two before I was making my own ‘Toy Story’ quality CG productions.

Guilty Pleasure Movie
Conan the Barbarian. (the original Arnold version) I think a full third of the dialog between my friends and I consists of quotes from this movie.

Favorite Book
AD&D 2nd Edition Dungeon Master’s Guide of course.

Best Thing About Living In San Francisco
Being surrounded by and inspired by people just as geeky as myself. And the burgers at Nopa.

Most Treasured Childhood Possession
My G.I. Joe armada. I still miss it sometimes. It mostly fell victim to teenage-years garage sales, but at least I kept most of the figures. Too bad the rubber bands holding 80’s/90’s era G.I. Joe torsos together invariably fail after 20 years; a few weeks ago I gently lifted Sergeant Slaughter out of his bag to share a moment of nostalgia and his legs promptly fell off.

Dream Music To License For BombSquad
‘Journey to the Line’ from ‘The Thin Red Line’ for slow-motion mini-games. I actually use this in the soundtrack when I’m just playing with my friends, and it’s glorious. On a related note, I’m working on adding a ‘customize soundtrack’ option to OUYA BombSquad so everyone can live the dream.

….for some more BombSquad lovin’ with Eric, check out his developer diary vid:

OUYA Developer Sidekick


OUYA Developer Sidekick

  • Hippie

    So I get an answer back initially due to a broken-ish controller, and now on day 3 with absolutely nothing dealing with my RMA request, I think I’m starting to understand people and their complaints about the customer service, which I brushed aside… Karma I suppose….

  • Thai Beamonte

    Great video!

    Bombsquat is my favorite game It’s tons of fun! My friends and family really enjoy it.

    Thank you!

    • Chris Bowman

      I have not gotten into it yet, I really just need a second controller :)

  • Shenzakai

    I’ve got the game and a second controller, but yet have to organize a MP session. Can’t wait, but the game looks great so far!