You know their games, including the recently released Nimble Quest on OUYA, now get to know the Co-Founder brothers behind all the fun at NimbleBit. Here are 11 fun facts you probably didn’t know about David and Ian Marsh!

First Sibling Rivalry
David: The earliest game I can remember getting worked up over playing with Ian is Battleship.
Ian: Definitely Electronic Battleship, Dave would quit halfway through a game if he was losing!

Pie vs Cake
David: Always cake!
Ian: Cookies?

Best Saturday Morning Cartoon
David: TMNT
Ian: Samurai Pizza Cats

Secret Talents
David: I can do 8 somersaults underwater in one breath.
Ian: Inward singing.

What They Wanted To Be When They Grew Up
David: Can’t remember anything specific, probably something to do with computers though.
Ian: I can remember wanting to be a photographer.

Favorite Game Genre Not Tackled Yet
David: Hmmm, RPG?
Ian: Puzzle.

Best Summer Memories
David: Big Stick Popsicles and reading lots of books.
Ian: New York Giant Pizza and swimming.

First Arcade Machine They Ever Played
David: Ms. Pac Man at the oil change shop.
Ian: Pac Man at the Dentist.

Countries They Most Want To Visit
David: Ireland
Ian: Alaska (I am bad at geography)

Best Music To Listen To While Working
David: Daft Punk
Ian: Daft Punk, specifically the soundtrack from Tron.

Favorite Comfort Foods
David: I love a good pulled pork sandwich.
Ian: Vegan chicken dumplings from Moncai.

So there’s some information you wouldn’t have had otherwise — thank you for being wiser.

Be sure to check out this week’s Bawb The Games Guy episode to see Nimble Quest in action and, as always, OUYA On!



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  • Mike

    I love this game! So simple, yet it has its complexities. I wish the developers the best of luck! Well done!



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    Arsen (OUYA Support)
    Jul 18 14:27 (PDT)
    Hey Claudio,

    Sorry to hear it wasn’t able to reach you — it seems like it’s on the way back to us. At this point, we have two options:

    – Send you a new shipment.
    – Send you a refund.

    Please let us know which one you prefer and we will begin the process!


    – Arsen
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  • frogjitsu

    Samurai Pizza Cats?! I thought that was a joke…