Hello Game Makers and Makers-To-Be!

I am really excited to formally kick off the “Developing Developers” initiative! It’s happening as part of our newest OTA update.  Most gamers have, at one point or another, considered making their own game – but don’t follow through. The process can be daunting due to lack of proper how-to information, they are intimidated by coding, or they just think it’s just too hard overall.  But it’s not! Your friends at OUYA are here to show you that creating your own game is way easier than you think – and you can pick up valuable programming skills in the process.

In this update, we’ve revamped the MAKE section.  We want this to be a space where you can learn more about how to create games, and we’ve kicked it off with a step-by-step, 20-minute tutorial by Alex and Bob covering the basics of developing and publishing on OUYA. Now you can learn how to start developing from your OUYA and follow along with the accompanying, online instructions.


We also collaborated with AIDE to provide an on-console app that will guide you through basics of programming in Java and Android, complete with game-development tutorials. You can use your controller OR a USB keyboard to make your game directly on the console itself!


In the coming months, we will be providing more tutorials, collaborating with schools and organizations to work with students and hobbyists, organizing workshops and jams, and in general, trying to empower more people to do this crazy thing we love – make games for others to play.

If you work with a program and would like to participate, please reach out to officehours@ouya.tv. Of course, this is all in addition to our ongoing OFFICE HOURS on Google Hangouts (Mondays, 11:30am PST), in which anybody can come ask us questions about how to make a game, or make their game better.

We’re doing this because OUYA loves games. We love quirky,  creative, fun, emotional, silly games, and we love the amazing developer community that’s brought us to almost 1,000 (!!!) games. We truly believe that investing in the next generation of developers is what’s best for not only the developer, but the gamer as well.



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  • Blue Nobu


  • Dáibhí wotshissurname

    This is the answer to my prayes. Although, I hear AIDE does not give very good tutorials. Andwill we be given examples of how to make types of games?

    • Joshua

      Unity has a great community, they will help you with anything, that’s if you are using unity. You can also ask Tim Graupmann who pretty much always knows the answer

  • http://www.gunsofthehelghast.com Carlos Ortiz

    It’s great Ouya’s doing something like this for would-be game developers. :)

  • Jose Manuel Heras Muñoz

    Thank you. I hope I can start my first game soon :-)

  • ufg

    I wonder how many other developers read this article during a multi-year development cycle where they work their arses off every day to complete a game and can’t help but say ‘bitch, please’ when people say things like “developing games is much easier than you think”

  • Anthony Tobianski

    The OUYA team’s philosophy fits me just right, along with its focus on development and developers. I almost purchased an alternative box, but based on setup descriptions and my actual startup with OUYA, I think I would have been frustrated with the the setup of the more expensive alternative. I’m an experienced Java developer, but not for the Android platform, so I’d rather focus on learning development for Android, without being distracted by a messy setup for the console. OUYA has provided me with the kind of experience I hoped for. Thanks, OUYA team!

  • Andrii Vintsevych

    I would appriciate those video on youtube.