Hello everyone. My name is Sittipon Simasanti. I am the senior programmer for So Many Me. I normally don’t do interviews or write blog entries, I write code.

Nearly five years ago, some college friends and I decided to form a studio together called Extend Studio, here in Bangkok, Thailand. Although games are very popular here in Bangkok, the number of studios in the local market are few and far between. In 2009, we began our first self-funded project, Trashman, for the Microsoft Dream Build Play competition, which we won. The game would later go on to be called A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda. It was a huge hit on Steam. During the development of A.R.E.S., we began working with ORiGO GAMES. They have been an active part of our success overseas through their dedicated channels and their experience producing games.


So Many Me is the story about Filo (in coders lingo that means First In Last Out), a headstrong, curious creature who, after meeting a phantasm claiming to be his father, is sent off on a journey exploring the worlds of Xio. Little did Filo know that upon going on this quest, his entire being would become Ark seeds. These seeds hatch into clones of himself, featuring unusual powers. Filo is quick to act and sees little time for his lookalikes, but soon realizes the value in companionship, even if it is just like talking to himself. Filo and his friends, through teamwork and puzzle-solving, work to save Xio from an ominous force.


Our team is composed of like-minded lovers of games:

  • Chakkapon Singtonam does the puzzle designing
  • Somjade Chutovorn is the senior artist on the project.
  • Nenin Ananbanchachai and the rest of Extend Studio, are involved as well as working on other projects.
  • Adam McClard and David Klein from ORiGO work as producers and advisors to make sure the game is worthy of your attention.


But we just couldn’t help ourselves. While we developed and guided Filo to explore the worlds of Xio. We also explored the world and learn many new things along the way. The more we learn, the more we want to try it out. We ended up retouching many things so many times, I personally ended up switching from pure JavaScript to C# in the final game. (To fellow programmers: not for performance, just tidy things up a bit.) After all, we have a lot of fun making it and very proud with the final result. We hope you enjoy our efforts as well.


Don’t make the mistake of being fooled by the cute appearance of the game. So Many Me is a hardcore platforming game that will challenge your brain and entice you to the very end. Many of the challenges you will face is our challenge to you personally, every time you miss something, our puzzle designer is smiling! Bwahaha!




Sittipon Simasanti
Extend Interactive

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  • http://www.gunsofthehelghast.com Carlos Ortiz

    “So Many Me” looks like a fun and challenging game. Thanks for giving us something to play. :)

  • MadFerret9

    this game’s great, definitely one of my favorites. Some of the music and art style reminds me of Yoshi’s story.