We’re happily hosting a heaping helping of hotter-than-hawt OUYA exclusives this year at E3!

We know some of you have a list of links to click today, so before we get into it, here’s a TL;DR of the soon-to-be-released OUYA exclusives you can look forward to:

This year, in the spirit of indie ingenuity, we’ve partnered with our friends at IndieCade! So look for your friendly neighborhood OUYAn at (or around) the IndieCade banners at Booth #2835 in the South Hall.


Swing by our booth any time to play games with Kellee, BAWB, Jared, Alex, guest developers and special visitors every day of E3!

Come challenge us to any number of multiplayer battles, speed runs, cooperative efforts – or just show us how great you are – at any of the above (or below) games we’ll be showing off!

Keep on scrollin’ for a more in-depth breakdown of titles we’re feqaturing!

MAGNETIC BY NATURE — Team Tripleslash

Magnetic By Nature explores platforming without platforms, putting players in the role of the last remaining robot exploring the ruins of an advanced civilization. Using the power of magnetic attraction and repulsion, players must manipulate magnets – and themselves – through wickedly difficult puzzles. Success relies on carefully balancing pushing and pulling on the level itself – go too far in one direction, and you’ll meet a nasty end. With a striking art-deco style, atmospheric sound design, and more than 100 levels of magnetic mayhem to navigate, Magnetic By Nature is an engrossing single-player experience that platformer fans will love.


Neverending Nightmares is a psychological horror game that plumbs the depths of the human mind. Designed by developer Matt Gilgenbach as his attempt to channel his experiences with mental illness into an evocative horror experience, Neverending Nightmares plunges the player into infinitely nested nightmares, and challenges them to find their way out.

SO MANY ME – Extend Interactive

Screenshot 1
So Many Me is a new innovative twist on puzzle solving and platforming with a charming 2D art style. The game stars Filo and his band of misfit clones as they attempt to save a world threatened by an ancient, malevolent evil. Using their combined powers, Filo and his fellow Me must puzzle their way through a land of exotic creatures, devious traps, and evil minions.

THRALLED  – Thralled Team

Screenshot 2
Thralled follows the journey of a young woman named Isaura, a slave traumatized by the disappearance of her child and tormented by memories of an agonizing past. After years living under oppression, she escapes from the sugarcane plantation where she was kept captive and takes to the thick forest to locate her lost son. Hunted by her former masters, Isaura must traverse the wilderness in secret and overcome both real and imagined threats. Thralled depicts Isaura’s search for freedom with vibrant color and dramatic art design that immerse players in the journey, and sacrifices, that Isaura must make.


Screenshot 3
Toto Temple Deluxe is an arena-based, 2D platformer in which two to four players compete in a king of the hill style contest. Players jump and dash around the arena in a quest to hold on to a goat for as long as possible. Dash into an opposing player to separate them from their prize and collect it for yourself. The player that holds on to the goat the longest and collects the most coins wins! JuicyBeast created the original Toto Temple during the 2013 Toronto Game Jam and the game was also featured at the 2013 Gamercamp Festival.


Reagan Gorbachev is a fast-paced top down co-op stealth/shooter game set in a 1980s alternate timeline. While attending a peace summit, the two world leaders are taken hostage by hostile extremists – they must combine their forces and fight alongside each other if they hope to survive. Players take control of both of the 20th century leaders and use their unique skills to battle through dozens of levels.

THAT’S IT! Come hang out with us!



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  • http://www.gunsofthehelghast.com Carlos Ortiz

    Awesome, congrats Ouya! :)

    Wish I were going this year so I could meet everyone, there’s some great looking stuff on the horizon; I’m especially interested in your upcoming exclusives “Neverending Nightmares” & “Thralled,” makes me proud to be an Ouya owner. :)

  • Paul Diskin

    It seems the Ouya was just a passing fad nice gadget. I thought this would have been nice I even pre ordered one only to be told they cant provide one. I tried a few other sources to get one with no luck and so lost interest shame it seemed nice if even fotr the old 80s style Arcade games.

    • David Logan

      You can order them everywhere…check Amazon, Best Buy, Gamestop…

    • http://www.gunsofthehelghast.com Carlos Ortiz

      Just order one from this site.

      Scroll all the way up and click the orange ‘Shop’ button. You could also just go her:

      From here you can order yourself an Ouya. Happy gaming. :)

  • Brian706

    Sweet! Your don’t have to park across the street this year! :D

    You’ve come so far ouya.