We’ve been saying that OUYA will offer all kinds of games.

This morning, we are honored to announce that OUYA is partnering with Square Enix to bring you one of the most beloved franchises in gaming — Final Fantasy. We will kick this off with Final Fantasy III, which will be a launch title on OUYA. This will be the first time gamers outside of Japan can play FFIII on their televisions through a console.

But that’s not the end of it: We’re promising to deliver Final Fantasy III like you’ve never seen it before – Hironobu Sakaguchi’s third installment in the role playing game franchise will be updated to exploit OUYA’s high-definition resolution in glorious graphic detail. For those of you who are new to Final Fantasy, we’ll offer a free demo so you can give it a go!

Previously unreleased in the U.S. until it appeared as a 3D remake for the Nintendo DS in 2006, Final Fantasy III was widely referred to as one of the “missing pieces” in the FF series. OUYA players can now proudly claim this piece of the puzzle.

We’re thrilled to bring this storied franchise to OUYA.




The Head Honcho

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    hey what is your fb page

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      hey there usually from what ive pleayd so far there only way to train in this game go back to the enemies that are usually surrounding the area before a boss or a turning point in the game they usually respawn and they are pretty good if there are no enemies you migh have to uprgrade your equipment or customize your characters better also try creating better paradigms. hope it helps (:

  • Len

    I got an email saying that those who have special edition backer units will be last and then after that, those with multiple controllers. That means I’ll be dead last to receive my console. What you promised us was a console that we would have in March. My email says in the next few WEEKS we should receive ours… It’s already the 2nd week of April and I have not yet received an email that my Ouya is on the shipment line yet. This leaves a very bitter taste in my mouth as an early backer because I put in more money than those who ordered the normal edition and NO ADDITIONAL CONTROLLERS (paying less than I did, and getting it earlier).

  • Shenzakai

    FF III most probably will be one of the first games which I’ll load onto my OUYA.

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