40+ Submissions and 11 Campaigns live already!

In the two weeks since the OUYA Free the Games Fund launched, 10 campaigns have already gone live, and over another 30 have registered to launch in the upcoming months! I couldn’t be more excited about the games you guys are coming up with. Let’s review!

I’m looking forward to seeing what the upcoming year will bring to Kickstarter and to OUYA! Thanks to everyone for your input, your support, and your feedback – OUYA on!




Dev. BFF

  • http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/~paxgk/ouya/ Garry

    Hi Kellee,

    How about throwing some of these funds to your support. They’re swamped trying to handle the support tickets of disgruntled backers who appear to have been shafted. These are the people who “made this happen” as your PR likes to remind us.

  • TheGunLoneman

    uhh…the two games that have achieved funding both appear to be scamming you guys by donating to their own project