Amazing Frog? The Swindon Space Program

3.71 (4,021)

Amazing Frog?—from Swindon to the MOON and beyond?—is only on OUYA.


First get to the blimp then beyond!

In space no one can hear you fart…unless you’re a frog. You can still hear farts if you’re a frog. In UPDATE 1.5 of Amazing Frog, explore new worlds, collect special items to complete missions and become the first anthropomorphic frog in space. Get to the UFO if you can!

Play on your own or with a friend, causing destruction to the environment and yourself. Run around as stunt-jumping frogs! Throw yourself off of buildings and into cars! Pick things up and throw them around. Fart.

1.5 - UFO
Moon Extended and improved
Loads more costumes
Moon Buggies
hidden costumes (also find Wally)
Extra Party mode Levels
The Art Gallery
Car improvements.
Optimisation !
More to come...

1.4 - The Swindon Space Program
The Lab
The Moon
Special Items and Missions
Drive RC Cars
Unlock Prizes and Collect Trophies
Loads of Other Stuff Including a Pigeon on a Skateboard
Moon Buggies….
4 Player Party Mode Beta

1.3.6 - The TV update
Find TV's and Load Dumpsters for a Surprise.
This update is mainly to address an issue in the Holiday update, but we couldn't just submit a Fix we had to put some new features and improvements in.

1.3.5 – Holiday Update
Giant Toilet
Some Test Cars to drive
Giant Snow mans Head :0)
Among other updates and enhancements

1.3 - The Halloween Special
Smoother, Faster and More Agile
VS Mode
More Levels - Morning Noon and Night
Explore the Darker depths of Swindon in the Sewers.

Content Rating: Everyone
Version: 1.5
Released: June 2014
Developer: Fayju