Angry Joe:Prehistoric

2.86 (28)

Angry Joe is a free jump&run platformer game in the style of Super Mario Bros or Lep's World. It contains 5 worlds with 10 levels, what gives you 50 levels of great fun.
Take Joe for the adventure of his life as he travels through colourful worlds, face the dangerous creatures, avoid deadly traps to finally reach home. Collect the stones to help Joe defend himself against the giant ants ,bees and deadly spiders. Grab the teeth to reach the next levels and buy some upgrades. Break the rocky platforms - you can find some meat there that will make Joe less angry and more healthy for a while.

You can use the teeth you collected,to buy some upgrades for your hero in order to give him more powerful abilities.

- Jump upgrade will let Joe jump higher and avoid the enemies
- Run upgrade will let Joe run though the level faster and gain more points by finishing the levels before time runs up
- Rock sack upgrade will let Joe hold more stones to be able to defend better against the angry creatures that roam the land
- Health upgrade grants the additional health slots that will make Joe tougher and will let him withstand more hits before loosing life.
- Life upgrade will grant additional life.

Content Rating: Everyone
Version: 1.0
Released: December 2013
Developer: PlateauGroup