Astra Etherium - Adventures of a Space Bounty Hunter in Space

3.1 (68)

Beta version v0.77

Astra Etherium -Adventures of a Space Bounty Hunter in Space is a vertical scrolling shooter set in the vast darkness of space. It is the year 2525 and the Earth has become a desolate wasteland that is uninhabitable. Humans have since evacuated the Earth and took to space for refuge. Unfortunately with resources are at a minimum, space piracy has become a way of life for most. Including Maximillian who was one of the galaxy's most elusive bounties.

After his capture,Maximillian was given 2 options. Become a bounty hunter or die. While death may have its benefits so does life. Maximillian chose to become a bounty hunter and now equipped with his ship the Killswitch, he travels the galaxies collecting bounties on some of the most notorious villains.

Arcade mode is available with 10 stages of frantic action.
3 Difficulty levels
Comedic dialogue to go along with the story with full English voice acting and 10 visual language options. English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Russian,Japanese, Thai, Chinese
Rhythmic retro synth soundtrack by Creo (Creosound)
Lots of things going kaboom.

Future updates will bring more crazy action, more explosions, more death.

Content Rating: 12+
Version: 0.7777
Released: August 2016
Developer: Porkpie Platypus Productions