BeastGameware Presents: Bowling

2.77 (66)

BeastGameware Presents: Bowling is a game where you can enjoy bowling right on your couch. Play the game and upload your statistics to the online cloud services !.

This update removes the online account requirement and now only asks for you to make a new username , this will be saved locally on the OUYA console.
Other changes:
-Players can now pick a ball texture.
-Follow camera is now following the camera better (to none movement).
-Exchange account login has been removed.
-Leaderboards and uploading ingame can now be viewed without logging in.
-Pin rendering issues have been resolved.
-Graphical updates to the interior
-Optmization of rendering

-10 frame bowling game :
Play a chilled 10 frame bowling match at your own pace.
Use the sticks to direct the bowling ball in the right direction giving you a wide variety of throws !

-Ingame leaderboard statistics
You can check the realtime leaderboards ingame via the main menu.

For more info visit the game's website at

This game utilizes the BeastGameware Exchangeâ„¢ social platform to login and keep track of gamedata , online interaction.

The Exchange platform is also a place where the devs are livestreaming or creating new exciting events !

If you have any problems or encounter bugs using our software please contact us directly at

Content Rating: Everyone
Version: 1.1
Released: January 2015
Developer: BeastGameware