Black Hole

3.66 (325)


"If you're looking for an awesome dual-stick shooter, I can't recommend Black Hole enough; it'll totally suck you in!" - Jonathon Bont (Team Kakumei)

Fly through black holes in a top-down view, shoot everything in sight and upgrade your ship.

Black Hole is an arcade dual-stick space shooter, inspired by games like Crimsonland and Super Stardust HD.

Supports multiple controllers.

- 40 levels and 4 different worlds
- 4 epic boss fights
- 3 different ships
- upgrade your ship between levels
- achievements
- suspend your play session mid-game for later

Version 1.01
- some difficulty balances, "Easy" mode made easier
- added "Casual" difficulty, more accessable than "Easy" but can't earn achievements
- bugfixes

Content Rating: 9+
Version: 1.01
Released: May 2016
Developer: Dufgames