CogWorks - Mayhem

2.33 (12)

Title: CogWorks – Mayhem
Players: 4
Single Player : Yes
Multiplayer : Yes
Online: No
Control Type: Gamepads
Online: No
DRM: Ticket saves to OUYA
Razer Compatible: TBA
CogWorks is a game where the players are put into various arenas with a lot of hazards must survive by being the last man standing. There are 4 goalie points which belong to the player. Red, Green, Blue, Yellow.

The player must grab the Goal Diamond and take it back to their respective goal to increase their timer. If the player wants they could take it to an opposing goal and decrease that players time. As the timer runs down. The belt changes color to indicate the state of charge the bomb is in. if it reaches 0 the bomb explodes.
The last player standing wins the match.

Developer Notes:
Hey there! While it has taken us a few months to nail everything together there may be some bugs. if you do encounter some bugs please head on over to our website at ( and goto the contact us section and goto the bugs section.

All of the funds generated will go towards patches and new materials for the game. There is a lot we wanted to add but funds ran short. Support us and purchase CogWorks - Mayhem..

Content Rating: 9+
Version: 2
Released: September 2015
Developer: Wildcard Studios Gaming Division