DiveBomb Chomp

3.12 (52)

Whet your appetite and devour creatures in a frenetic free-fall adventure. The more you eat, the more you grow, climaxing into a super-sized, unstoppable ravenous pink monster. Chomp through a variety of twitchy levels, collecting fun powerups to assist in a quest to rescue your captured kin while achieving those coveted high scores and ratings. Unlock new characters and accessories to mix and match the appearance of your hero.

• Play Through All 11 Levels of Chaotic Consumption!
• Super Charge with Powerups to become Super Chomp!
• Tons of Character & Accessory Combinations!
• Feast with Friends or Enemies in Co-Op & VS Modes!

“a terrific new OUYA arcade game”
-Super Game Droid
“as addictive as it is cute and fun to play”
-Ouya Brew
“DiveBomb Chomp has charm”
-What’s Your Tag?

Content Rating: Everyone
Version: 1.7
Released: August 2014
Developer: Beau James Games