Flappy Wheels 3D

2.45 (11)

Product Features

•Official website - www.timekillergames.weebly.com
•The infinite objective - survive as many laps as you can
•Laps make you faster - speed reset after multiples of 50
•Steering gradually offset - you will need your D-pad
•Press something when it says to - jump 'n double jumpy
•Stay in touch with your inner child - play with toy cars
•Prepare to disobey gravity in some strange ways tho

Product Description

Flappy Bird + Hot Wheels + Temple Run + erm, Happy Wheels? I have absolutely no idea bruh. Survive as many laps as you can, use the D-pad as needed, and press something as instructed. Flap your wheels in this unique take on the classic infinite runner. Precise 3D physics wrote by Robert B. Colton. Everything else by Samuel J. Venable.

Content Rating: 9+
Version: 1.0.0
Released: October 2015
Developer: Samuel Venable