Flippy Bard

3.2 (171)

The bard has lived a quiet life in the kingdom. He has kept his head down, and entertained the people on a rare few occasions. But times are tough for the bard, for you see, the birds no longer sing. The people must be entertained, and forsaking all he has held dear (his integrity, his honor, his happiness) he will entertain the masses of the kingdom and its corrupt leaders. And so here he is, atop the towers of the kingdom, ready to entertain the people with his minstrel song of many flips for as long as he can muster the strength.

Flippy Bard is a love letter to gravity-defying-endless-tower-jumping platformers (which are such a craze right now.)

Play as Filip, the Flippy Bard, and unlock 4 more unique characters each with their own style of play.

"Multibard" is a multiplayer mode played on a single controller, where each of the four face buttons controls a corresponding bard. The perfect party game anyone can enjoy.

Content Rating: Everyone
Version: 1.1.1
Released: March 2014
Developer: Austin Ivansmith