Flippy Bored Multiplayer HD

1.82 (17)

Product Features

•Official website - www.timekillergames.weebly.com
•Beat your opponent by collecting more gold in all 9 levels
•Pre-rendered, crisp, beautiful, colorful HD graphics and visuals
•Smooth and steady difficulty slope; easy to play; hard to master
•This is NOT your average Flappy Bird clone; there is a flip
•Challenging obstacles to keep you coming back for more
•Flip and flap your way to wealth before your friends do

Product Description

Flip the bird and his friend Flap the bird were very bored. So bored that they came up with a silly game. So here's the rules; 1) collect gold until there's none left, 2) collect more than your opponent, 3) you can't ever stop flying AND flipping, and 4) You can't touch ANYTHING but the gold! Can you handle this bizarre competition? Or will you feel the burn in your bum? Have fum!

Content Rating: 9+
Version: 1.0.0
Released: February 2016
Developer: Samuel Venable