Golden Scarab

3.72 (258)

Tough as nails dual-stick arcade shooter for one or two players, with global online highscores. Good for short repeated psychedelic wasabi blasts to the brain. Includes an awesome patent-not-actually-pending two player tag team respawn mechanic.

Ingredients: One big glob of goodness from a bagfull of wrong. A handful of chopped kenta cho. Baste liberally with some locomalito sauce and cook at 5800 K for 30 - 60 seconds. Top with a sprig of minter. The GOLDEN SCARAB is best served with a slice of OUYA.

Latest update: better PS3/XBox360/etc controller support. Tweaks & bugfixes.

Content Rating: Everyone
Version: 1.13
Released: April 2014
Developer: OMGWTFGAMES !1!!