Heavy Recoil - Convoy Chaser

3.97 (122)

Heavy Recoil - Convoy Chaser takes the run 'n' gun genre back to the coin-op golden age of the 1980's, when you hadn't really beaten a game unless you'd done it on a single credit.

v1.9: Xbox/PS3 controller support reinserted
v1.7: New Playable Character, 2 Player Mode
v1.5: Score Rush Attack Mode
v1.4: Online Hiscores

Lead your auto-cannon wielding robot deep behind enemy lines and smash tanks, gunships and fearsome bosses with your awesome arsenal of deadly weaponry! Rescue prisoners of war and blast everything in your path like a REAL hero!

* No Nonsense! No Continues!
* Horizontal Firing Only!
* Abilities and Upgrades!
* Secondary Weapons!
* Good/Bad Endings!
* Online Hiscores
* Score Rush Attack mode
* 2 Player Action
* 3 Playable Characters


Content Rating: 9+
Version: 1.9
Released: September 2013
Developer: Wide Pixel Games