JSIDD Code Factory O

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JSIDD Code Factory O

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version 0.0.3

+ Inspired by handheld electronic games
+ One retro beep sound
+ Improved “How To Play” Movie
+ Supports for both dpad and left analog joystick
+ Improved compatibility with 720p

How to play Code Factory O:
The current game mode “Code in 100s” gives you 100 seconds to feed as many O-U-Y-A sequences as you can to the coding machine. You can press left or right on the dpad or (left thumb) joystick to move the player under a falling letter to place that letter on the conveyor belt. Then once a letter is on the belt, you can press up and down on the dpad or joystick to swap letters.

Content Rating: Everyone
Version: 0.0.3
Released: June 2013
Developer: JSIDD