Khaki Combat 2: The Swarm

3.1 (31)

So far, over thirty people have (mostly) enjoyed Khaki Combat on the OUYA. Nothing, however, could prepare anyone for this...

"Due to an unfortunate nuclear incident caused by an unknown enemy in the aftermath of the first Khaki war, Earth has fallen victim to mutant infestation: monstrous bugs are breeding and destroying civilisation as we know it.

Khaki Bruce must now join forces with his old enemy, Alex, as they take on the swarm together, before the entire human race is eaten alive by giant insects. Ouch!"

'Khaki Combat 2: The Swarm' takes the simple but popular shoot and stealth mechanics from the original but mixes it up with an exciting (optional) two player mode. Its single-screen frantic game play offers a distinctly retro arcade vibe, blending the likes of 'Centipede' with 'Spider 'n Fly'.

It's a case of "the enemy of my enemy is an even bigger enemy" as the spider will try to take out the flies before you can, making him stronger in the process. In order to win, you must take out the spider and zap all the flies before they have time to breed. Ammo is limited. Good luck, soldiers. You're going to need it!

Another 100% free game developed using Clickteam Fusion 2.5 creation tool.

Content Rating: 9+
Version: 1.0
Released: December 2014
Developer: Doki Games