Lao's Quest

3.04 (138)

A challenging Puzzle Platform game with ingenious level design!

Jump, shoot, throw dynamite, blast walls and work your way through temples with living stones, moving platforms, ingenious deadly traps and some tricky enemies!

Collect keys, open doors, watch out for watertraps, use buttons to control moving walls and platforms!
Move and stack blocks to reach higher places, use moving doors, find hidden spots, use hidden items and much more!

This is Indiana Jones retro style!!

- Excellent control over your character
- Ingenious level design : complex and hard in a way you really have to think how you're gonna solve a level.
- 69 levels and 3 bonus levels!
- Duo play with Rick. Together you must solve the level, with increased complexity, using each characters strong points - Lost Vikings style!
- Checkpoints and in-game saves. You can also use passwords!

Good luck!

Content Rating: Everyone
Version: 9.6.2016
Released: June 2017
Developer: Scorpion Software