Lowrider Car Game Premium

2.11 (64)

Build your own custom car.

Create a custom lowrider car from your OUYA console. Play one of the 3 different game modes to earn money and unlock more cars and parts to customize any way you want.

With over 180 different upgrades on any of the 6 in game cars the possibilities are endless. We will also be adding more cars and features with future updates.

Some of the features we have available include:
Car Hopping
Car Dancing
Custom wheels and your choice of Knock Offs
Bumper Kits
Euro Lights
Shaved Door Handles
Convertible Tops
Billet Grills
Plus 180 More parts available to upgrade your cars performance and look.

Content Rating: Everyone
Version: 1.02
Released: September 2013
Developer: Stop4Sanity Games