Mitch: Berry Challenge

3.93 (15)

Mitch: Berry Challenge is a Lighthearted Retro inspired 2D Platformer with classic and simple controls, challenging levels, hand drawn animations, a fully composed soundtrack and Local Multiplayer up to 4 players!.

You'll play as a Green Iguana from the Goain Tribe. The tribe's most important treasure has been stolen and you, Mitch, must go to the island where it was taken and bring it back. Collect all the yellow berries on each level to complete them, race against the clock and battle against two bosses in this charming adventure.


Easy to understand controls so anyone can play!
- Over 30 levels.
- Boss fights.
- A Hidden blackberry in each level.
- Competitive local multiplayer up to four players.
- Frame by frame animations and a pleasant artstyle.

Content Rating: Everyone
Version: 2.1
Released: August 2016
Developer: Boidae Games