Moonlight Game Streaming

4.49 (244)

This app streams games from a GameStream-compatible PC on your local network or over the Internet to your console. After initial pairing, Moonlight will show a list of apps that can be streamed from your PC. Keyboard, mouse, and controller input is supported.

To have the best experience, you should have your console connected via Ethernet to your router.

Special button combos for OUYA Controllers:
OUYA Button = Start
LB+OUYA Button = Select
RB+OUYA Button = Start+Select = Steam Overlay

PC Requirements:
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 600/700/800/900/1000 series desktop or mobile GPU
NVIDIA GeForce Experience (GFE) 2.2.2 or higher
Up-to-date GeForce driver

Content Rating: Everyone
Version: 5.6
Released: November 2017
Developer: Cameron Gutman