Natural Soccer: OUYA Edition

3.54 (413)

Natural Soccer is a highly playable and fun arcade soccer game.

Inspired by 90's classics like "Kick Off" and "Sensible Soccer", it brings that unrivaled playability and pure joy to your OUYA™!

=== FEATURES ===

★ Highly playable
★ Credible and fun ball physics
★ Full and direct control of the ball, including "Aftertouch"
★ Smooth graphics (60fps)
★ Simple controls - easy to learn, hard to master
★ Over 200 teams with more than 2.200 individual, carefully crafted players
★ League mode


Way to much to list here :-) But these are the most important improvements:

★ League Mode
★ Whole new menu system
★ 200 teams with over 2.200 players
★ Various gameplay improvements
★ Individual skin colors
★ Many, many more

Content Rating: Everyone
Version: 1.2.1
Released: April 2014