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Multiplayer 3D shooter, based on Quake 3 Arena FPS.
Supports online matches and offline play with bots. Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and 10 other game modes are available.

Play on PC and Android servers!

PS3 controller support.

First person mode available in settings. Keyboard support, and limited mouse support. Access in game console by pressing "~" on keyboard.

We have no control over how individuals run servers, therefor you may find an occasional menu that must be accessed with the trackpad cursor on your controller.

Source code available at:

You can run your own dedicated server, using this package: or you may compile it from sources.
More info about running servers at

A special thank you to Pelya for all of his hard work on the android port of OpenArena as well as for assistance and help on the OUYA edition. This project would have taken much longer without his guidance.

Another special thanks of course to the OA team, without them Open Arena would not exist at all.

Please visit and join the OpenArena community!

Content Rating: 17+
Released: October 2013
Developer: Gamesboro