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Party Golf

Party Golf

3.36 (179)

It's everything golf isn't: fast-paced, zany, and frenetic. Imagine what golf would be like if it had a trillion trillion trillion variations. With complex and rich gameplay experiences, Party Golf is designed to be picked up and played immediately by anyone in a couch competitive environment, for two to four players.

Banana balls? Check.
Power-ups like forcefield, magnet, and spin? Check.
Fog-of-war, low gravity, and procedurally generated terrain? Check Check and Check.

Party Golf has over 20 presets of game-modes, just to get you started. And if you find new combinations? Go ahead and create a new preset, so you and your friends can play them in the future!

Content Rating: Everyone
Version: 1.1
Released: October 2015
Developer: Giant Margarita