Postal Samurai

3.08 (24)

A fun, simple, cute, quick game to enjoy. Slashing obstacles while chasing after the postal truck.

A Speed and Reaction game. Precision is key.

A first ever release by Roa Game Studio. Please download and add comments to fix bugs and improve on our game. Tell your friends to help us keep making games for you.


You were waiting for the postman to arrive but you fell asleep. He finally came and dropped off your mail and now you missed him. Now you need to catch him!!


Run as fast as you can to catch up to the postman. Slash obstacles on the way to stack up YEN and gain speed.

1 - Fukuyama with Fukuyama Castle
2 - Lake Kawaguchiko with Mount Fuji
3 - Tottori Prefecture with Tottori Sand Dunes
4 - Old Tokyo with Honmoku Cliffs
5 - Yokohama with Downtown Japan

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Content Rating: Everyone
Version: 1.11
Released: July 2013
Developer: Roa Game Studio