4.16 (56)

This is a Sokuban puzzle game and it's 100% FREEWARE!

With a highly recommended puzzle level set made by Jordi Domenech. From easy to pretty hard! It's one of the best sokuban sets we've played in a long time!

Move all the brown boxes to a designated position.
You can only push one block at a time and you can undo any move!
Records are saved including number of moves and time you solved it. The game includes a small tutorial level to help you start!

- 100% FREE! No ads, no in-app purchases!
- 170 levels!
- Retro styled game with cool ingame chiptune music.
- You can undo every move you make.
- With small tutorial.
- Contains small easter egg with awesome vector graphics like rotating cubes retro style!

This truly is an excellent puzzle game!

Content Rating: Everyone
Version: 2.3.2015
Released: April 2016
Developer: Scorpion Software