Real Men Wear Pink HD

2.23 (44)

Product Features

•Official website -
•Beautiful, eye-popping, pre-rendered, 2.5d HD graphics
•Collect as many coins as you can in every level to increase your score
•3 immersive, unique, multi-leveled worlds to explore and platform
•3 super challenging boss battles to keep your heart pounding
•Featuring high-quality royalty free music by Kevin MacLeod
•Beat the game to unlock level select and 'Time Trials' mode

Product Description

Josh loves the color pink. The clothes he wears every day are always pink. Back in high school he was picked on for that - even by his teachers. Now Josh is sick of it. He plots his revenge to prove that real men wear pink. Can YOU help Josh in his ultimate quest? Real Men Wear Pink HD is a platforming frenzy you don't wanna miss!

Content Rating: 9+
Version: 6.0.0
Released: August 2014
Developer: Samuel Venable